Catena - Bible app with Patristic Commentaries

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Hey people, TL;DR: Catena is now updated!!

Catena is a bible app that has verse-by-verse commentaries by Church fathers on almost every verse in the Bible. you can download it from

Main Features:

1. Commentaries by +200 Church fathers
2. You can select to only see fathers venerated in our Coptic Church
3. Click on the father/mother's name to learn more about them
4. A much more improved performance and navigation
5. The app is supported on Google Assistant.
6. Best of all, it's free :D

Note: if you already have the app on Android, the app will NOT update. Please uninstall the old version and install the new one.


  • Dear @ElGawly,
    Many thanks, the app looks very useful and interesting, may God reward you and all the people who were involved in this work. One thing though I would like to have been able to change the background colour but I can't seem to find any setting for this. The red colour is quite infuriating! God bless the whole work nonetheless..
    Oujai khan ebshois
  • Thanks be to God and thank you Elgawly.

    Made a spiritual connection straight after I downloaded and opened it.
    Last night I decided to read Matthew and today I opened the app and it went straight there. It could of gone to Genesis but it went straight there.

    I had been praying for help and I received it. Once again many thanks.
    Praise be to God always for His loving kindness.
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    A wonderful app. God bless your efforts.


    How about an option where one could advance through each set of commentaries with an advance button near where the "x" is. That way a user could advance through each verse in a commentary style. 


    In addition to this, a bookmark option would be a nice way to quickly reference certain commentaries.
  • It does not let me change bible version to king james
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