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As many of you know it is customary for Copts to have a small (and from what I've seen, blue) Coptic cross on the inside of their right wrist. I was born in the USA and never got mine. I plan on getting it soon, but I was wondering where this tradition came from and if anyone has any pictures or references to show the tattoo artist. God bless you all.


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    I was born in the US. I refuse to get a wrist tattoo. I prefer to tattoo the cross in my heart, as the culture in the US will see it nothing more than bodily decoration.

    In Egypt, it’s a defiance against the Islamic culture that Christianity is part of our identity like our skin to our bodies. Custom has it that it is blue or green to remember how our forefather and foremother Copts had bruises around their necks for carrying heavy cross necklaces, although they were chains rather than necklaces.

    In the US, who are you defying around you? What risk are you taking in your life when you wear a cross necklace or have a wrist tattoo? Nothing. People will see you and say “oh kool!” Don’t do it man. Learn to be defiant to this culture by your actions and virtues.
  • @minasoliman Thanks for the info on the tradition's roots! While I understand why you say I shouldn't get the tatto, what's wrong if people ask why I have it? It gives me a chance to talk about my faith which, personally, I've always seen as a good thing. Personally, I'd love to have a little cross on me at all times- I used to try keeping a small wooden one with me but I kept pulling it out to pray and then leaving it behind on accident! I doubt I'd be able to lose this one very easily :))
  • @Daniel_kyrillos Hi,
    Abouna told me that years ago in Egypt, during the continuous persecutions, coptic parents tattooed their children with a cross on the hand. Thanks to that, if the parents happened to die (because of persecutions), the child would have known that he came from a christian family.
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    I lived in Egypt until I was 10 and my 2 younger brothers and none of us, plus my dad, needed it to get a cross. If anyone wants to get the cross, please go ahead...But if you are looking for a reason....there isn't really a strong one. minasoliman laid it out very clearly. 
  • I've seen some very nice coptic crosses and wanted one myself and one of our preists has not only one on the underside of his wrist but also one just above the webbing of his right hand. He wouldn't let me kiss his hand as well after kissing the cross.
    In Ethiopia, in the country side many people have the cross tattooed on their foreheads. After they came here they had them removed. I don't ask and put it down to choice.
    Question: Does a tattoo have to be done by someone who officially does it? LI keep its blessed.
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