Nativity Communion Hymns

What does everyone usually say during communion for feast of nativity? Aside from Genethlion and the Melody


  • we say psalm 150 and the burning bush
  • Burning bush in the feast of the Nativity? That is a strange practice
    Oujai khan ebshois
  • Ahh i misunderstood, i thought you asked what we say during communion in kiahk month. 
  • Phewwwwww.. Grazie a Dio.
    Oujai khan ebshois
  • Lol So what about Nativity?
  • @EsmoEpchois my church said the Psalm in its long tune in Coptic, then said it in the short way in Arabic and English. We then started the Melody listed in Coptic Reader. As for what hymns could be said, there is Genethlion (aka the Paralex of Pijinmisi) as well as O-seyo/Av-ini Naf- the 'lost' hymn. I have a thread on here where I asked about a recording's authenticity of that hymn and our beloved MinaTasgeel has said it's legit. Some churches say E-Parthenos and/or E-Gennisis (in the E-Parthenos tune).
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