Upcoming pamphlet entitled''Case for miaphysite Orthodoxy'evangelical tract,need some help

I am writing a evangelical tract called case for miaphysite orthodoxy,it will be translated into spanish and dutch with my money.it will make the rational case for God.the rational case for the trinity.the biblical case for the trinity.the biblical case for jesus christ as messiah.debunks the curse of Jeconiah.and answers catholic claims.and debunks protestantism using biblical logic.

it will also make a short case against the council of chalcedon,but I need help with this.pls pm me anyone willing to help who is knowledeable for why chalcedon is wrong and why we should reject it.

ive written about 5 Tracts to be used so far

see here https://orthodoxyvsthepapacy.wordpress.com/

of course it will be professionally edited.


  • it is my plan topublish the pamphlet in spanish and spread it to the Syriac churches in Guatemala to use for missionary efforts and catechizing the mayan converts.
  • The Coptic Church has never believed in monophysitism the way it was portrayed in the Council of Chalcedon! In that Council, monophysitism meant believing in one nature. Copts believe that the Lord is perfect in His divinity, and He is perfect in His humanity, but His divinity and His humanity were united in one nature called "the nature of the incarnate word", which was reiterated by Saint Cyril of Alexandria. Copts, thus, believe in two natures "human" and "divine" that are united in one "without mingling, without confusion, and without alteration" (from the declaration of faith at the end of the Coptic divine liturgy). These two natures "did not separate for a moment or the twinkling of an eye" (also from the declaration of faith at the end of the Coptic divine liturgy).

  • 'No shizz,Miaphyisis(compound unity) is not monophysis(Absolute Singlarity).
  • click the link in the first sentece
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