Seeking discernment of thoughts

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I have needs or desires that I occupy my time with and I know I can solve it easy by asking others but I don’t want to because I feel I am using others

The fathers say the idle word is the word that does not edify the hearers

If I ask when I am not in true need but to please my fancy I believe I am a bad example and using others and that does not help the belief of a judgement day because I believe I am responsible for them but some may think I am not responsible and atleast they will have a little relief on judgement day

I am looking for battle belongs to the Lord sung by Coptic youth but I don’t want to ask for this reason

Also for the sake of discernment of thoughts I wonder if I should be off forums but I believe forums allow you to reach those in need and teach

I worry being weary of asking for help is judged for not trusting God judgement and judged because what you ask could help everyone especially those in need and condemning asking could make people refuse to help people in need and we should not make them have to ask often but make a database of knowledge
and is an excuse by those who bury their talents. I thought about asking for help many times on programming on stack exchange even if I could find try to find an answer the long way but I want it faster because I got much to do but I don’t want to use people. If everyone was afraid to ask we would not make much progress I am thinking and people who bury their talents use it as an excuse they don’t want to make people feel God owes them easy salvation if others are saved especially that they are deceived I am saved

If I do not ask for help I think I wrongly pretend I am and you can be sensitive to all people because I can not live that way all the time since I may need to use others when I am not strong such as go to mc Donald’s at 5 am so I look like an idle Christian that is probably enjoying his life rather than praying for other soul. I can not wait till I am strong to do that it seems I need to get through the day. Also I have played video games with strangers online without praying for them and I text them as though they are my friend. I find it is good way to relax to play online game but I am using them
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