Trinitarian christianity is the only Logical deduced belief

the fact that anything exists instead of nothing is a miracle unto itself and a reason for celebration ,love and can there be a uncaused cause?its an ineffable mystery to bewonder for eternity.something cannot come from nothing,but ,there is since we can observe things existing,a neccassery uncaused cause or we are left with infinite regression of causes,so an uncaused cause who had no beginning is neccassery to explain existance.this is reason alone to love said thing the fact it is the only true reality.we know the material universe is not the uncaused cause,because matter according to the simple second law of thermodynamics breaks down and degrades,so a material universe cannot be eternal nor beginningless.we can logically deduce the universe or cosmos having a beginning and a end.we don't need cosmological data and models to ascertain the fact the universe had a beginning.everything that begins to exist,keyword on begins,must have a cause.we cannot infintely regress,so we need an uncaused cause.this cause must be extremely powerfull,it also must be pure love because love is only that wich is self consistent,the opposite of love,and the fruits and synonyms thereof like life,intelligence,power,life,law,hope and joy self destructs,if this thing were not pure love then it could simply not continue to exist,because it is love itself it must have eternally had someone to love before it caused anything to love to exist.this is best explained by a plurality of persons whom love one another but being of one will because a self contradictorary entity could not exist as again,it must be self consistent to continue to we can logically deduce that there is a thing that is pure love,life,intelligence,power and joy wich is the uncaused cause of finite reality and must be a plurality of persons of one being.the only reality is love.the only true reality is of of life.hope,peace and abundance is all that exist.the opposite of love has no solid existance and cannot is the only is a consuming cannot escape this fire,it will consume is power and power is love.there is no fear in love.there is only hope,joy and faithfullness in love.

though other beliefs have a trinity aswell like hinduism,their gods commit evil and are not omnibenevolent and thus are not true.Allah also is not logically true because he commits evil thru taqdir.

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