Why do we fast as Vegans

Can someone explain to me why as Coptic Christians we abstain from Animal produce when we fast? 

What is the spiritual benefit or message/meaning behind this act?

Since when did we adopt such a method of fasting?



  • big topic, but i will start and hope many others will contribute.
    adam and eve were vegan. God only allowed eating animals after the flood because the world was too damaged for vegan diet to be enough nutrients.

    also during the fasts, the animals take a break. just like the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus gave the animals a permanent break from animal sacrifice, the good news of our Lord and Saviour is good for all creation.
  • Fasting is not about not eating animal products, it's about denial of the flesh; admit it, you love steak more than fooul or falafel. 99.999% of people do! So when we say, "In honor of <insert reason of fast here>, Lord, I'm denying myself these things." That being said, if you looooove falafel, like, you eat it incessantly, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desert, maybe give that up during fasting as well.

    Pray for me.
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    I know someone who HATED lamb meat. She could not even stand the smell. I told her that is what she SHOULD be eating during lent.
  • Oh @minasoliman,
    You are taking the fasting to a whole new level, according to St. Paul's saying, to enslave the body and corporeal desires (God help those who follow your advice.. hehe). May I just add one point, that one very important aspect of fasting is to "make the body light" (i.e. the lighter the body feels, the less needy it becomes, and the more prepared for praying it ought to be). I am afraid with lamb meat (dairy products and other non-fast meat) wouldn't attain that end. It is therefore important to eat less (as is the case with fool and falafel anyway), and spend less time, also eating less frequently (God help me really). So basically yes, lamb meat based on your advice could be used to asceticise oneself from other desires, but meat, chocolate, cheese, milk, etc make you quite heavy and full, and that is not the aim of fasting. I hope I am being clear...
    oujai qen P[c
  • Yes, of course...I think a point can be made to keep oneself healthy and not "heavy".  I was just being hyperbolic with her. :)
  • oops, just enjoyed my kusheri a bit too much!
    and i do love falafel more than steak, but am missing my tea with milk!

    i agree we all also need to pray more and focus on being kind to others, as our Lord has been very kind to us.
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