Tenen Annual

"Note that Tenen may be said at any time during the year, and is not reserved only for the month of KIahk" -Service of the Deacons, Anba Youssef
What is the Synod's standing on this? My church is not part of the SUS Diocese, but we use many of their materials. I've read on here and heard before that this hymn is specifically for Kiahk (which, reading the words, doesn't make sense.)
Also, if it is only for Kiahk, why?

Pray for me.


  • Hi @Daniel_Kyrillos,
    I don't agree that tenen could be said at any time during the year. But people like it, and they want to sing it regardless of the meaning - oh yes, and I do like the sha'anini tune, and ontwc, and long ]soury (I even avoided calling sad ]soury). It is easier to generalise something than to look for reasons why the rites say so in the first place. I do not know what the synod's position is anyway. 
    Why is it only for Kiahk and Bright Saturday? For Kiahk, because this is one of the apparitions of the Lord in the flesh in the Old Testament where He was "recognised and identified" - moreover, there was a praise done in His presence; pretty much like coming to the womb of the Virgin, and being "recognised" then. Also, there is a similarity between the three wise men, and the three young men. On Bright Saturday, it is obvious, because He went down to hades, i.e. the fire. This is why the hymn is reserved for such occasions, and if we contemplate a little we will learn a lot more than practising it all year round!
    Oujai qen P[c
  • There has been MANY developments in Psalmody through the years...and we can see that from manuscripts of psalmodies. it was mainly the 4 hooses and there lobshes, without Aripsalin or tenen or tenoweh ensok. Those were kind of reserved to "overnight vigils" which we still do in Kiahk and Bright Saturday.
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