are these''miracles''wich affirm chalcedonianism fabrications ?


  • We do have stories but any story that relies on polemical hagiography is not evidence of the "True Church". That's just childish name calling and thinking. 
  • hello dear remnkemi!can you link me or provide these stories for the benefit of my faith and confidence in oriental orthodoxy?also the devil can provide false apparitions so even if those stories are not fabrications they could be a case of deception?

    one last we have any examples of saints in our church who visited heaven while being dead or even being raptured?I know of abba hermina(wich tbh I doubt his hagiography)and more recentely Blessed Tamav Irene who according to english source here met a coptic nun in heaven and according to the sources of her biography in arabic that I have translated with google translate the actually died and went to the throneroom of God,but when the nuns of her convent were crying because she was dead,jesus said he couldn't bear their tears so he revived her with abu sifeen's  shafa'3a.any more  cases of OOs going to heaven?
  • I don't have any references of hagiographical stories supporting the OO plight against Chalcedon. All I can say there are stories in the synaxarium, such as St Samuel the Confessor, that speak to this concept. There are also stories of miracles by St Severus in the synaxarium that were designed to prove his holiness and his fight against Chalcedon. 

    However, the OO do not hold much weight in these stories as the EO do. That was my point. 

  • God bless you remnkemi ,I found this 
  • Abba Paul, who was a sophist, recounted to us that he had lived with Abba Andrew, an old prophet, who was hard-working and sincere, and who, before the Council of Chalcedon, was one of the great saints of Egypt. 

    This Abba Andrew, in a vision, saw an immense crowd of bishops who stirred a very fiery furnace into which they threw a beautiful child resplendent like gold, and they closed in on all sides so that one could not see any smoke from the furnace and even the air could not enter into it; and, at the end of three days, he saw the child leaving healthy and safe from the furnace, and he recognized that it was the Lord.

    As he had the habit of speaking to him, he said: “Who are these who have done this to you and who have thrown you into the furnace?” He said to him: “The bishops crucified me again and they decided to strip me of my glory.” And He was right: because the Nestorians are sick with the disease of the Jews, when they say that He who was crucified was a man purely and simply, and not God incarnate. 

    When the old man looked again, he saw in the distance an old man who held himself upright, and who did not approve the other bishops or associate with them, neither when they stirred the furnace, nor when they shut up the child and mocked him. The old man called to the child: “Who is this old man?” And He answered him: “It is Dioscorus, Patriarch of Alexandria who alone did not take part in their intentions”. The old man, taking confidence, ventured to say to the Lord: “Lord, why is it that all the bishops of Alexandria fight until death for the truth?”

    And He said: “Since Simon Cyrene carried my cross – and Cyrene is in a part of Egypt – since then I foresaw and predicted that Egypt, to which belongs the town of Cyrene located in Libya, would carry my cross until the end, would remain faithful to me and would mark their zeal for me until death”.
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