Obedience to superiors

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I fear if they don’t listen to pope kyrillos to obey superiors they will not listen to me. Now that is truly part of the way to heaven (but I am guessing a priest may withdraw forgiveness of sins even when you have repented and said you haven’t God will forgive but you may not know until you die) but while I obey superiors I won’t make them out to be perfect but I don’t go out trying to find and expose works but only say my interpretation of jesus words on what is openly taught to the people. Paul says if even we the apostles or an angel from heaven preach to you any other gospel than what you have received let him be accursed. Therefore if they wish to sell you forgiveness of sins thank God they don’t let them be accursed. Now I do believe if one is not charitable to church he may not be saved or loses the reward of their extra intercession for their salvation but it is not because one can win salvation with money but a new person will have a heart that practices all the commandments of God and giving to the church is very important because our church is very poor and needs to grow to fulfill the needs of the church and it’s mission to the world given by jesus

“Be obedient to your superiors, even if they are not of good
character. Adhere to humility, for he that shall humble himself shall
be exalted.”
Pope Kyrillos VI


  • You are more important to God than a built church. If one of the churches is destroyed, it can be easily rebuilt through peoples donations. But if a person like you is destroyed, you cannot be rebuilt except by the Blood of
    Christ. No angel or archangel or Patriarch or prophet, can return you to your original rank. You are more important to God than bricks and stones, because you are a Temple of the Holy Spirit. If you then are a house for God and God dwells in you, then remember the saying of the Bible: "Holiness adorns Your house" (Psalm 93:5). Know that when you sin you defile the house of God (which is you)."

    Pope Shenouda III
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