I have 2 questions about the hymn PiOik (Piwik):
1- Is it appropriate to add a verse for the saint of the church to the end of the hymn, after St. Mary and archangels Michael and Gabriel
1.5- Why are Michael and Gabriel there anyways?
2- If a glorification/tamgeed) is going to be said after PiOik, do we immediately start Agioc `Ictin or do we say `K`cmarwout again?


  • Dear @Daniel_Kyrillos
    1. Yes, that is perfectly fine, you can add as many verses as you like. I presume it should always be St Mary followed by the other patrons of the church.
    1.5. I really don't know, but I guess the practice came from a church of the archangels as patrons (?) I don't really know. Even the structure of this particular verse is made up quite weakly.
    2. Glorification is not ideally or rightfully to be said during Communion anyway, as such hymns have specific rites. Therefore it does not matter, just base it on the length of the queue of the people having Communion..
    Oujai khan ebshois
  • Usually, glorification in my experience is not done unless it’s the feast of St. Mary, our patron saint, or a particularly popular saint that people generally place high importance to.

    But after Pioik on regular days, we usually just chant one of the General communion melodies, like “our father who art in heaven” or “Christ has granted us salvation.”
  • does anyone have a recording of pi oik (the bread) in english with the words spaced out in an english way? i mean like 'o-o-f l-i-i-fe' and not 'o-o-o-o oflife'.
    in fact does anyone have any recordings at all of any good orthodox Christian songs in modern english?
    i am working hard to learn pi oik in coptic, but i think it would be nice to sing it sometimes in english.
  • @mabsoota you can always make up your own way, but CopticHymnsInEnglish.com is where I'd go for that

  • thanks, i will check it out, have not seen it before
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