God expects increase from our talents

It is not just spiritual. But our natural talents.

God may not have given the talent to be a fruitful monk therefore we have to be faithful worldly Christian

He may not have gave you ability to be millionaire or billionaire

But you can increase what you have so you can double what you have and give as much to charity as you give to yourself

I have a feeling not everyone who is poor is lazy but they may have mental issues which prevent them from working and having courage therefore some do not work because they don't have good guidance and prepared themselves to do God will. Apart from mental issues you still need guidance

The servant who buried was not only lazy but his pride made him not work so this is another thing it is a mental issue though not a mental illness


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    Pope shenouda said he who is faithful over his earthly life will be faithful in his spiritual
    in volume 1 of 100 words of spiritual benefit

    But if being earthly is making you sin it means you are not doing it for God or something. Our focus should be on our spiritual life and we only do work for glory of God. If we are not loving God with all our mind heart soul and strength there is something wrong

    Strength means we work but I think we work because we are guided by God and within our ability for those who delight themselves in the Lord He will give them the desires of their heart

    We should focus all our mind on spirituality and the kingdom but it seems to me there is something wrong if we feel guided not to work at all. Solomon said whatever your have finds to do do it with all your might

    Paul said if any does not work he does not eat

    How then do we get correct spirituality that will guide us to work ? Where do we get this guidance from ?
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    accidental repost
  • Cyc just posted this I don't know if it is related

    The little will be plentiful,
    In God's hands the little you have, is plentiful in His hands,
    The small things you possess, it will be always small if you keep it in your hands,
    But every things change when you put it in God's hands.
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    It comes from this movie

    As today is about zaccheus

    Therefore before we double our talent we have to live repentant sell what we have and give to poor atleast tithe
    God will bless it to give all we need I think
    The widow who gave all her two mites was wise because she thought of others now not when she has plenty
    Maybe God would given her more if it was His will like the widow who gave everything she had to Elijah or Elisha and she never had need
    Eventually God will make sure if He wants us to double our money He will make our little increase to double we had initially

    But I don't know we all have to figure out how to be wise stewards
    Zacheaous only gave half of his money away and maybe a tithe is enough for those who are not hard working to increase more later or rather the tithe may be enough for hard workers but not enough for lazy who don't deserve that money
  • Matthew 6:24 (NKJV)
    24 “No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.

    Focus on God only let him give you desires of your heart and work to do that brings you close to Him and not away
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