To all the members of this forum, I'm sorry

I've already apologized for my switching jurisdictions so suddenly and I've been very concerned recently about what jurisdiction I should join (yes I know nothing new) but this time I'm thinking about coming back to Oriental Orthodoxy but these things hold me back:

Ecumenism with the Coptic pope and various other Oriental Orthodox hierarchs talking about unity with the heretical pope of Rome and calling him "your holiness"

Modernism in Oriental Orthodox Churches such as pews and
women not covering their hair.

I simply can't be in a jurisdiction where the hierarchs are ecumenist and the churches are modernist. Though like I said I'm looking back into the Oriental church though these things make me stay away.

I'm very sorry for the way I've acted.
In Christ,


  • I think seeking unity is important. And while our Pope and bishops show respect to the Pope of Rome, they are also adamant that unity must be on the grounds of truth. I believe that this is an admirable thing. As far as the examples of modernism you gave, I'm not totally sure they should keep someone away from a jurisdiction. They seem to be small, non-doctrinal observations that have little to do with the spirituality of a congregation. Honestly though, women do generally cover our hair. Sometimes a couple of individual women do not, and we are not really ones to forcefully tie a scarf around her head. In many churches, veils are even offered to be borrowed, which most women do. I would personally love a church with no pews (at least limitedeats for the elderly, people with physical disabities, pregnant/nursing women, essentially those who need them), but it honestly wouldn't really be something that would hold me back at all from my church. I truly hope and pray you find peace and you gain the understanding you are seeking. God bless You. :)
  • Thank you for your response Lovejoypeace_ I hope I do to I also am for unity but only if the Roman Catholics renounce their modernist and heretical teachings and come home to the fullness of the faith. As for pews, I guess it's an American thing that took root here sadly I don't think they're leaving anytime soon.
  • are u looking for comfort like many people in developed countries? do u read gossip (eg. about other churches?) are u part of the problem or part of the solution?
    do u go 2 church to seek something familiar or do u go 2 learn how to die for Christ?
    sorry, i posted only questions and no answers.
    may God give u the answers

    (ps i did not follow yr previous posts, i am replying 2 this in isolation)
  • hi, i posted the first time (in non-orthodox inquiries); less byzantinism and more fasting and praying¡¡
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