During 50 holy day

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I want to know which hymns we sing in the sunday liturgy so i can follow a long
would you please list them for me.
keep me in ur prayer ;D


  • If you check the Audio/Hymns section and look under the Resurrection section, you should find everything there!!! :) Hope this helps
  • do they sing all of them i just want to download everything in that section then i find they use few of them
    so anyone else list for me
    which hymns during these day in the liturgy
    from the beginning of the liturgy through the end
    if you can't than list as can
  • there are alot!! lol
  • i have question reguard this :-\

    i went under the Resurrection section
    but i have a question is that for resurrection hymns
    or for the 50 holy day
    i want to know which hymns they sing during these holy day on sunday liturgy
    but i getting confused when i look at that section
    because it's seem only on the resurrection day which easter not the 50 holy days
    please guys
    give me hint to this
    i'm really confused and lost :-\
  • youstina04,
    here are the texts ...

    basically they sing the same hymns every sunday (i think until the 49th day of eastertide then it changes (not sure)

    the resurrection hymns and 50 days are basically the same...there are the odd hymns but the majority are the same...
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  • Hi Youstina and everyone,

    Well, it is a bit late to answer your question these days but I do understand your confusion coz I had the same question and a lot more in regards to other feasts and hymns and unfortunately most, if not all, Deacons services books still don’t give all what I need to know as a beginner in a simple way but well,…

    Almost all hymns that are there for the Resurrection, except the Resurrection re-enactment, are all chanted in all Liturgy services up until the 39th day of the Eastertide because the 40th day is the Ascension Feast and that has some different hymns which, the Ascension hymns, are chanted until the 49th day then comes the last day (the 50th) and that is the Pentecost Feast which have its own arrangement and hymns.

    In a normal Sunday Liturgy in the “Khamaseen” the main hymns would be as follows:
    -   “Alleluia this is the day the Lord has made”
    -   “Tai Shori”
    -   Some different “Hitenieat” are added
    -   “Shaire Tef Anastasis” the Act (Epraxis) response
    -   “Kata Ni Khoros” after the Act is read, it is a long hymn and it is unlikely to be chanted every time in a normal Sunday..I mean depends!!!
    -   “O Nim Nai” is chanted instead of “kata ni khoros”
    -   “Ya Kollasefouf” is chanted before the Procession from Easter Eve till the 5th Sunday of Eastertide then in the Matin of the Ascention.
    -   Khristos Anesti – Short
    -   Khristos Anesty – Slow
    -   Ton Sina
    -   Tolithos
    -   Tin Anastasin – not quite sure about this.
    -   Pikhrestos Aftonf – to conclude the procession.
    -   Pashois
    -   Agios – Faraihy Note: the three time it is said (who arose from the dead) (O anastas ek ton nekron ele ison imas)
    -   Gospel Response
    -   Then they continue normal till the end
    -   Kata Ni Khoros – different than the above in tune, but so nice hymn, after psalm 150

    These are to my best ability and kowledge some others could/not be chanted according to time etc. hope these are of any help please pray for me.

    Jacob - Sydney
  • Well, I guess Jacobian put it in an EXCELLENT list! but basically whatever is said at Easter is also repeated for the 50 days. However, some of the communion hymns change since there is the transition to Ascension and then Pentecost, so therefore when we sing the Communion Hymn (Psalm 150) the chorus changes thats about it. We also add some hymns like ''Truly Risen'' and ''Asomen'', which is said on the 50th day and until the end of the Apostles' Fast.

    And also, during the Ascension we do not say Khrestos Anesti we say Khrestos Analeem Epsis. After that we say Afrek Etve, another uncommon hymn to some. Then during the Pentecost we say Pi Epnevma before the Bible readinghmm..i guess that's about it...anyone else got something to add?
  • Hi all and happy Pentecost Feast next Sunday, thanks to "HumanTa2Canvas" for his valuable corrections and while there I would like to ask you all once again about "ATAY PARTHENOS" in ARABIC if any one has got it recorded or refer me to the link for that would be much appreciated.

    GBU all

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