Questions about Chalcedonians?

How can we ever have unity with them if they support the execution of saints like dioscorus(just look at any thread on monarchos)?they also support heretics and antichrists as saints,and this can never be done.

why do many if not most of the church consider them to be Christians?while they repented of their errors later on for a hundred years they had a heretical understanding of chalcedonian fact most chalcedonians accepted the three chapters.the gates of hell prevailed over their church and is not some misunderstanding between two orthodox sects.

you will find most byzantinian Chalcedonians to be vehementely anti-Orthodox especially their so called ''saints'',I don't see how they could be guided by the Holy Spirit.why do so many orthodox qwrongly claim either that they were never heretics but both of us were orthodox and had a misunderstanding(wich in my opinion is an insult to our orthodox champions who fought this heresy and died for it at times)when we know that until the chalcedonians repented and revised their interpretation of chalcedon,that for 100 yrs they were outright apostates,lost all apostolic authority and lost apostolicity and the mark of truth.byzantines up until the 60s were antichrist yet we pretend they were always orthodox and we just have a misunderstanding!as if the Holy spirit thru the fathers would misunderstand!when most byzantine do not afford us that gift.they still adamantely call us monophysites and are too stubborn to stop lying about what we believe!look at most major chalcedonian outlets online!I want to honestely know why the ecumenists in our church betray the saints,the martyrs and the truth to have a false unity with these antichrists.sorry but if you still consider them to be the true church aswell and we just had a misunderstanding between two brothers,you have insulted the Church,saints and martyrs who fought this heresy.if there is God Forbid a unification with the chalcedonians(I personally think this would cause schism and there would be a remnant of bishops who stay orthodox,even though the vast majority would apostacize by such a  action)how can you logically call their saints as true saints when they were vehementely anti-orthodox for centuries?when they view nestorians as saints?Im basically asking why we kiss their asses so much,forefront our dignity,betray our saints and have to tell lies and mental loopholes to pretend they are orthodox,have saints and that we are two branches of the same church?this view is common over at the  orthodox forum.yes they may have revised and debunked their own heresy later on but they still see our saints as heretics and instead of logically realizing that if you contradict your own councils the holy spirit never was in your ''church''they pretend like as if nothing happened!I am not writing this because Im hurt that we don't have lovey dovey unity ,in fact I consider such unity blasphemous and logically contradictorary in its implications.


  • most eastern orthodox Christians are lovely, spend less time on the internet and you will find them :)
  • Forgive those whom are misguided monfret. I'm sure the church will keep its integrity and truth and not compremise anything for the sake of any unity with the chalcedons.
    God gives us always forgiveness and we must do likewise and not buy into the conflicts.
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