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In the verse where the four generals are combined (st geroge,theodore, philopater, st Mina) would it be proper to say st abanoub as well? I don't think it is but can anyone else explain why or why not


  • Yes they are all martyrs.. Regardless of their worldly ranks.. They are now ranked with martyrs and that's it..
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    I was told that these 4 generals represent all the martyrs, so saying all 4 of them would mean there would be no need to say any other martyrs....
  • Dear @PiOnkh,
    I would say that some people may say them during Nayrouz days for example because they are "major" martyrs if you will but some people would still do enough with St George. However you may add any other martyr to whatever the list your church practises, if it's their feast day, or if one of them is the patron saint of the church, or anything like that..
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  • Thanks, GBU
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