Guaranteed heaven visitation if you read this book

the author has had many encounters with jesus and he says if you read this book you will be going to heaven to see it as preview.


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    Don't ever buy from or trust an author who turns church into a business. Reading these books will probably send you to hell and have you face to face with Satan...."guaranteed"

    This man does not serve God or Christ, but money.

    Furthermore, if you come here in this forum site, your interests should lie in Orthodoxy, not Protestantism.
  • Agree Mina paying money as a guarantee to go to heaven or have Jesus visit you face to face to totally wrong.
  • orthodoxy is the fullness of faith,but there are saints in other churches too,like saint paios,padre pio,saint charbel ,I'm sure protestants have saints too.this man said he spoke to jesus many times and in heaven jesus tolds him to write these books and anyone who reads it would get a visit from jesus.
  • St. Paisios did not tell people I saw Christ.  Witnesses around him saw it.  Orthodoxy (and Catholicism I hope) is against any self-witnessing.  Furthermore, these saints lived lives of poverty.  I encourage you to look up the author of this book and you'll see a whole different person that he claims to be in the book. 
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