The Harrowing of Hades

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Dear friends,

A dear friend and brother recently published an illustrated narrative on the Harrowing of Hades. It is a beautiful and patristics-based story that demonstrates the truth to David's assertion, "If I ascend to heaven, thou art there! If I make my bed in Sheol, thou art there!"

It is available in print and e-book format. Please find it here, and support the mission of CreativeOrthodox by purchasing:


  • The only real harrowing of hades is for the righteous. We know david was in Sheol after the resurrection of Jesus Christ he as well as all the righteous were saved. It is true for the reason those with relationship with Him even if they have to go to hades they will be delivered

    God is with the wicked in hades through His conviction both that He loved them and that they hated Him. That is why hell is more tolerable for others for God gives everyone what they deserve and they are not just left to their thoughts. His love remains for them and the truth of their rejection remains

    We may not believe all those destined to heaven will go straight to paradise some may be worthy of being delivered through prayer but no one will have an unfair advantage over others by having more pray for them. The church prayer equally benefits all
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    I bought your friends book on kindle but I hope you turn away from such those thoughts and/or people don't listen to those ideas

    Forgive me a sinner
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    I thought it was a theological book but looks like a nice picture story book. I will take the good and leave the bad. It might not be nice after all
    I do not believe by buying I am supporting his ministry because it need not continue.
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