A few thoughts/queries on adam's sin,noah's ark and the apocalypse?

I have Done research on population Genetics and a few things strike me,firstly if we downwind all the haplotypes we get haplotype L and A being the father/mother haplotypes of all mankind,these haplotypes are mostly found in africa.so I assume that adam and eve were either africans or some pre-homo sapien hominid.or that adam and eve is figurative for mankind's fall when he began to cultivate grains wich resulted in warfare,inequality,hierarchical systems and classism previousely not found among hunter gatherer societies.

the problem with noah being literal is that while the obvious problems with a global flood can be explained away by God altering the laws of physics,the major problem arises with the Table of nations.

the Table of nations to put it bluntly,is false.there was no shem being the originator of semites.J and E1b1b1 arise from africa namely somalia,mediterenneans and neolithic european farmers(thats the second wave  of europeans,before the indo-european pastoralist migrations) were J and E1b1b1,they are the exact same people as middle easterners,E1b1b1 is a clearly african lineage,its found and originated in ethiopia/somalia.so the whole meditereneans being descended from some ''Japethic''ancestor is false when taking the real history of europe minto account.now surely meditereneans have some R indo european''japethic''lineages but thats due to later invasions and migrations of central asian indo europeans into europe wich imposed their language on most europeans(the Basque escaped the assimilation,as did the Sardinians atleast Genetically).but even then I'll show you why Japethic lineages are in fact hamitic again and are african in origin .

You have haplogroup P.Haplogroup P is the direct father clade of haplogroup Q(wich is a native american haplogroup wich all natives have paternally,but is also found interestingely in Armenia of all places).but its also the direct father clade of haplotype R.R and its derivatives are the so called aryqan,indo european Japethic lineages.so natives and aryans are both just japethic brothers right?Wrong!

P is a papuan lineage.its found exclusively in australoid populations.that makes sence as the first humans were africans,then they migrated to eurasian continent and would become australoids having formed new haplotypes from Genetic african haplotypes but retaining their phenotype,and these australoids would give birth to all other races.as Robert lindsay the anthro blogger put it:''we are all australoids''.Genetics simpely support this conclusion.the only option si that Population Genetics is a massive conspiracy and the Noah story is right,but there are massive problems with this theory.

I believe adam and eve were real and that Enoch was real.but noah just seems unlikely unless he was a local middle easterner who did go ona ark locally but that his Table of nations was just poetry or metaphor,because the Table of Nations is incompatible with population Genetics,we can see wich haplogroups downwind from wich haplogroups and all of it support a originally out of africa  then out of australoid theory for all human races.noone with the slightest knwoeldge of population Genetics would argue this.

now heres why Adam and Eve must have been hominids but not homo sapiens...we have Neanderthal and Denisovan DNA within us..well atleast all non africans.modern africans have minor neanderthal but thats due to eurasian back migration within the last 3000 years.basically eurasians went back to africa,mated with the women and thus they gave africans minor neanderthal dna.but Im not even sure all africans have it.

the problem again with Noah is that if we assume that noah had three sons and they had 3 wives,then neanderthal and densovan dna should be spread on a equal basis,but behold,some races have more neanderthal dna than others.some have more Denisovan dna than others.africans should have this dna if they descend from noah and noah had archaic hominin dna but they don't.I thought all living things except for what was put on the ark was destroyed?so it couldnt have been that only Hamites didnt mix with remnant neanderthals and denisovans.

the more plausible theory is that the Ark of noah is symbolic for the covenant that would be given to Christians and only those in this covenant would make it to paradisal gardens.

Origen in fact interpreted most of the Genesis account as allegory.

now my query about the Apocalypse is ,is it plausible that Erdogan is the antichrist like Walid Shoebat says?


  • Dear monfret, while the above part of your comment is easily explainable by the church fathers and that the historicity of scripture isn't sacrificed in order to derive a spiritual allegorical lesson, i will comment on your last part about the antichrist.

    Please inform yourself with the orthodox church teaching about the antichrist. He is a mysterious man no doubt but he will be a man. In him will be power to rule most of the world. In Thessalonians 2 we read that he will do signs and wonders. In Daniel we read that he will take away the daily sacrifice (Eucharist) by most standard orthodox interpretations. 

    Revelation also tells us that he will die and resurrect so that people may believe in him as they did Christ. It is important to remember that he will not be the devil incarnate as Christ was God incarnate. This is the one thing satan cant do nor would God allow him to. But this antichrist man will have the full backing of the devil behind him. A unique form of possession not before seen. Although Antiochus epiphanus in the book of Maccabees is considered a forerunner and a type of the antichrist according to the fathers because of what he did.

    Unfortunately there are orthodox Christians out there who believe he wont be an actual man but a "system" or something of the sort. This is a sad and dangerous form of interpretation because when he actually comes he will be unrecognizable and in turn accepted. The church fathers have warned about this. He will not just be any man but must fit the criteria set forth by scripture and the fathers who were immersed in understanding it. He will preach love and tolerance to prepare man for his acceptance to weaken and trick believers.

    What the fathers tell us is that satan wants to be worshiped as the Holy Trinity is worshiped. He will form for himself an "unholy Trinity" as Fr athanasius iskander puts it. This is why he will have the false prophet just as Our Lord had John the baptist before him and the Holy Spirit after Him to reveal truth to the whole world. Revelation mentions the dragon and the 2 beasts i believe. The unholy trinity. The Devil will attempt to do the same with much success with the exception of those who refuse to bow. The believers who will recognize the facade that's been building ever since the 1st century when St Paul put it as "the mystery of iniquity is already at work"

    The antichrist has laid his seeds, through culture, war, philosophy, ideas, false religions, which will all lead to his enthronement. This is but a brief take on this particular orthodox teaching. Once you go deeper into the fathers you will be edified by what they say and prophecy about him. For example, Chrysostom says the antichrist will be be of Jewish descent because they have already killed their true messiah while not realizing it(although some know it), and will in turn install the counterfeit one. He most certainly isn't erdogan. St John says there are "many antichrists" meaning there are men and women who are doing his will in preparation for his coming. Those are all laying the groundwork. The devil is smart, insidious and patient. He transforms culture, upturns old traditional ways of thinking to lessen resistance and to weaken human nature in recognizing what the truth is. He is attempting to redesign human nature through the "I", forgetting the true divine image that is in each one of us. 

    Some saints even went as far to wish they had lived in the times of the antichrist because they wanted the crowns of resistance and martyrdom during this period. And as scripture states, those times will be shortened lest no flesh be saved. We pray for the enlightenment of the word and for the reception of our lord into every man's heart. Unfortunately while many are coming to Christ, many more leave or reject him without wanting to be corrected in their self made delusions about the world. Let us pray and hold fast to the faith for God is our defender and comforter.
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