council of laodicea And the rites of our church

I was reading an article on how the ognostos should not be allowed to wear the badrasheel and he mentioned the council of laodicea so I looked it up and looked at the canons and I noticed that we tend to break a lot of its canons such such 21, 22,23, and 49 does anyone know why we don't follow these canons ?


  • 1- these are canons that may be changes by the Synod
    2- this is a local council to, I think, Church of Antioch. So the Church of Alexandria were probably not bound to it

  • Oh okay I was just wondering after I read that article but thank you for explaining it Minatasgeel
  • It good to know how things are done in other churches, specially if they are sister churches. But you have to consider that every local church may have it's own circumstances and view of things. In the Armenian church, they "ordain" (atleast that's the word i have heard be used) females as chanters and readers. We don't. 
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