Vesper praises and midnight praises

Would we be allowed to say hymns from the Sunday Theotokia, such as evolhiten avenpiarshi during vesper praises on Sunday before vespers, or are they reserved for midnight praises only? And, can we say hymns from the vesper praises such as al el asr, aretenthonty, tee-galilea during midnight praises, or are they reserved for vesper praises only? I hope you understand my question.


  • - Evol hiten is only part of the sunday midnight tasbeha.
    - Alli elasr is any vespers praise
    - aretenthoni is unique to saturday vespers praise
    - ti-galili a is unique to wednesday vespers praise and the feasts of entering egypt and the temple
    - the 8th parts thursday and friday theotokia you can say in the same tune as aretenthonti...m Fahim and M Tawfik recorded them.
  • Do u know where I can find those recordings?
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