I Believe in universal reconciliation of humans,am I heretical?

I Believe that all the seeming verses that talk about fires and furnaces are allegorical and refer to tests and trials that would happen to the jews during the destruction of jerusalem and bar kochba revolt and that the word furnace is used in this manner in the old testament  a few times(Egypt is called a furnace).I Believe that  the Holy Spirit didn't lie when he said ''For no one is cast off by the Lord forever.Though he brings grief, he will show compassion, so great is his unfailing love(Lamentations 3:31-32).''

There are many biblical verses wich support universal reconciliation in my view,but I am wondering if this is a acceptable theolgemoun in the OO church?I know it was condemned if it included the devil and his angels by the EO Church albeit even there it was never ratified by a ecumenical council(correct me ,if wrong).

I do Believe Hell exists and that people go there,just that God is Love,and Love never fails,and God wishes all men to be saved and is never pleased with the destruction of the wicked

(see:  Ezekiel 18:23 and Ezekiel 33:11 and Ezekiel 18:32)

if God is Love and Love never fails and draws all to himself I Believe that one day all should logically be reconciled unto God.also for 500 years some form of universalism was the majority doctrine of the church,and even augustine says the vast majority of people believe the torments of hell are not forever.

I  have a huge problem with finite sin resulting in infinite punishment.It seems unfair to me.like you can rape  grandmas,kill ,fornicate,and do homosexual acts yet ask for forgiveness on your death bed and go to heaven .you can be a saint your whole life but masturbate and die of a heart attack before repentance and then go to hell for eternity?the former to me seems compatible with God's mercy and  loving kidness but the latter to me does not seem just.remember that God told us to forgive everyone,so why would it be unjust for him to forgive everyone?we are to love everyone.a man's love can never be greater than God's love.a man's character can not be more loving and gracious and forgiving than his master's,so why can't God eventually forgive all sin?

I'm going to be honest,I believed in a literal eternal hell based on mere slip ups and it hurt my relationship with God.I couldn't love him.everytime I slip up I beg God for forgiveness,but it just torments me that I can live a sincere life and love my fellow man yet go to hell for all eternity if I die in a state of slipping up.Now I am not saying hell doesn't Exist,just that scripture to me makes it seem like its not eternal and this was a belief of the early church.


  • Concentrate on having a relationship with God. And if you sin, feel guilty as if you're hurting someone you love, who unconditionally loves you.
  • also Aionon and olam does not refer to eternity but rather a period of time,so pls dont quote me with verses,Ive read them and sincerely disagree with the translation or rejection of its symbolic meaning usually taken from the symbolism of the OT in parallels.

    I don't Believe God contradicts himself,and many verses in the OT and New Testament refer to restoration of some sort for humans atleast,

    this was Believed by the church for 500 years,and thus must be a theologemoun.
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    If you insist something "must" be, then we get nowhere. We also have Church fathers who believed otherwise, like St. John Chrysostom and St. Severus.

    Such questions cannot be answered until Christ tells us. If your life depended on where you go after you die, then the answer is none of your business. Try to focus your life on love and relationship and an ever-growing spiritual life in Christ. Those are infinitely more important than the question of "hell and heaven".
  • Thank you mina soliman.God Bless you thanks for your kindness in your answer.I appreciatte your nonjudgemental critique.feels good to be part of this forum.

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