So I Found a Difnar Online and..

So I was looking for an online Antiphonarium and I found this website and I wanted to know what to think of it.
The thing that stuck out to me was not the difnar itself, but rather the ending appendices(?) that have hymns for John the Baptist, Archangel Gabriel, and "Various Saints." I recently inquired about the "Special Hymns" on here, and this is just more on top of it.
~How reliable is this difnar?
I tried reading the Arabic and Coptic things but I couldn't decipher much. My reading of old Coptic is not the best, and my Arabic is horrendous.
~Who are the various saints?
~Are these more vohems and paralexes or psalis or doxologies or what?

Thank you all.
God Bless.


  • The Difnar is translate and available on Coptic Reader and in print from St Moses Abbey. Currently, it's similar to a senixar...each day have difnar selection from difnar saints. each selection is similar to a psali, but each has a tune based on the season. There are only few tunes that survived. 
  • @minatasgeel so the special hymns at the end... are those for saints in general? Or for specific saints like Fa Nitenh and Tiestoli are for Archangel Michael?
  • Those are hymns that are not part of the difnar and they are unique to each saint. The difnar is also unique to each saint. But the hymns and the difnar are totally separate. 
  • It is very interesting, from a linguistic point of view. This antiphonarion, is for 3 months only it is not the complete work. I am not sure whether it is the complete section of it or not. I do not have access to other versions at present. There is a lot of wht we might call now spelling mistakes. As if this person was being dictated. In order to read this text properly one has to learn a bit about old bohairic pronunciation, it is a central key to understanding which alpha & epsilon get confused so frequently and other letters; same with phy & pi, theta & tau, tau & delta etc.
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