requirements of being a church servant

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Do you think only those should be church servants or lesser or fake servants on forums known for preaching too much if they know how to dance at weddings and look comfortable and behave like everyone else. I behave different to all. I get embarassed with music to the point I feel embarrassed to clap and uncomfortable that any thing I do can be analysed because it is not like what others do but I do more abnormal things or strange facial reactions and they can see what is in my heart. Maybe I can be a priest so I don't look abnormal because I won't have to try. I behave as though I am a priest. But I think I have motor problems or lack of ability to show full range of emotions and instead show abnormal expressions either because of my sicknesses or bad spiritual life. However my family says I was normal but I think just because they understand me


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    1. I can't dance.

    2. My Priest is a great man, but he is a bit strange. He says some pretty crazy things that would be deemed offensive in private.

    3. I am a Servant and a Sunday School teacher and teach as if I need ADHD meds, just to keep their attention since all my kids stare at screens the entire day.

    You are far more normal than you believe. The more you learn when you cross over from laity, the more you will learn that God is very, very forgiving. My wife and I do participate in the trash talk that goes on throughout the parish from time to tim. Keep acting the same way you are, there are others like you out there!
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    Thankyou ItalianCoptic for your encouragement and reply. I found it helpful :)
  • We *Do NOT* participate, that is.
  • You're welcome
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