I desire very much to get baptized and become a member of the COC. The church nearest to me is in Portland, Oregon but the services are in Arabic. Please pray that God would mercifully lead and help me.

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  • Hello Alex,

    Welcome to the forum and it's great to see your interest in the COC. You will to be in direct contact with a priest if you are truly willing to become a believer. So, for the church you mentioned in Portland, is it St. Antonious? If so, despite the language the services are in, the priest would probably still speak english and can work with you on the process of converting. 
  • Hi Mina,
    Yes it's St. Antonious and I will definitely talk with a priest about converting. Thanks for reassuring me.

  • nearly all churches have the translation on a screen or in a service book.

    if you find this is not the case, ask for help and someone should be available to help you.

  • Thanks Mabsoota I'll take my glasses with me just in case. I plan on visiting the Church this weekend, God willing.
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    @Alex I am an English-speaking convert and I serve on the altar weekly. If they do some stuff in Arabic, and they most likely will, I can help you out to describe what and why we do it. I can also give you some good podcasts from an Australian priest, who doesn't just describe what we do, but explains the meaning. Good luck! I remember it was very intimidating my first Divine Liturgy.
  • Hi ItalianCoptic,
    That would be very kind of you. I have a profound desire to learn, and look forward to communicating with you. Meanwhile I am interested in listening to the podcasts you mentioned.
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