Prophesying is deceptive to oneself

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I had a dream where I thought about the verse always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. It is probably because in my dream I was trying to find an answer but never did

Knowledge of Wisdom didn't keep Solomon from almost perishing or from perishing only practical wisdom. Some think he was not saved. Only God knows but I think he was since Ecclesiastes I think shows his change and his hope in God

All the prophesying may make my outer man look good to myself or others but the Lord sees my heart. The things that are really Lord of my life

Therefore more important than prophesying is having a relationship with God

Jesus can say to me I never knew you

It doesn't matter how much I think I know the Lord but whether I do

The bible says a good understanding have all those who do His commandments and there are first who are last and last first

If one only speaks about God to try to change others or to gain acceptance and respect. Though it is good to eat the fruit of your words but that can't satisfy you you have to do more then it may be as jesus says these people draw near to me with their mouth but their heart is far from Me


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