Marriage without any access to a priest?

say there was an acopalyptic scenario where no (Oriental)Orthodox priest was available,and you were stranded on a remote island how would one confer the sacrament of marriage?would God reconize a primitive marriage ?in catholic tradition the husband and wife are ministers of marriage while the priest is simpely the witness,how is it in OO church?sources would be helpfull and deeply appreciatted if provided.


  • As canon 316 of the council of star ship galaxy says:

    Start cutting out logs, make them in the "sos" sign and burn them for rescue. When a helicopter comes, ask for a canonical Oriental Orthodox priest immediately, and to bring the wedding crowns with him.
  • what, you are going to marry yourself?
  • wouldn't this be a case for oikonomia?and what if you have 2 witnesses but no priest?
  • I donno what do you mean by oikonomia. But you must have a priest to have an altar, a "consecrated" one, to call upon the Holy Spirit to fulfill the sacrament and the union between the two people. There is a reason it's called a 'mystery' and not just something that we do on our own. The actual witnesses there are not for the spiritual aspect, but the worldly secular aspect, where, out of the people's lack of trust in priests, you'd have a third part that is a witness to the union. So you have the couple, the Church (represented by the priest), and the people (represented by the witnesses).
  • So if youre in a far away land and can't find a oriental orthodox priest youre basically screwed?
  • what if there was a roman catholic or eastern orthodox riest available?wouldn't the sacrament be illicit but valid since they have apostolic succession?
  • @monfret. The rule is as minasoliman said: "a canonical Oriental Orthodox priest" is needed. All other exceptions must come from a bishop. 
  • So would it be better for me to convert to eastern orthodoxy?Where Im going has eastern orthodox priests but no oriental orthodox.I haven't been baptized yet at all,I'm new to christianity.
  • @monfret. I can never encourage someone who is just converting for the sake of marriage. Consider your salvation and eternity first, and then everything else.
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    Eastern Orthodoxy? Dude, you asked a hypothetical question if you stranded on a remote island. I answered quite facetiously given the, to put it nicely, HYPOTHETICAL situation you are asking. Are you talking about Gilligan's island status or are you talking about a civilization that has no OO Church, but does have an EO church? Are you planning to move somewhere? Because that's not considered "stranded on a remote island".
  • I'm convnced due to Professor Guy Mcpherson's  Decade long Research,that the temperatures will rise about 5-10C in the next 10 years.the only place that will be inhabitable is the southern hemisphere,So I've made plans to escape to Madagascar.if civilization collapses within the next ten years,there will be no way to contact a OO priest from my safe space in Madagascar.

  • Minatasgeel,I'm pretty convinced that the Eastern Orthodox are today fully Orthodox.I'm pretty sure any Trinitarian christian can go to paradise.I would have Joined the Armenian Church since they allow you to marry any Trinitarian Christian,I will be stranded in Madagascar and will not return to the west within the next year or so and if I want to get married(wich is a must,I cant live without sex) it will have to be with a non OO only question is if the sacrament of marriage through a EO or Catholic priest would be illicit but valid?
  • Minatasgeel,are You saying that if I get permission from a OO Bishop to get married by a roman catholic or eastern priest it can be done?can such permission be procured by Telephone?I likely can get married in a OO church but Im just making plans for a worst case scenario.
  • Wow!'re a sad dude...either that or you're messing with us
  • No Ive made my mind up already,I will get married with a armenian priest after I get baptized in the armenian church so I can then marry any christian .its not my fault the OO is completely absent in Madagascar.
  • No Im serious.great researchers agree with me like Sam Carana,Paul Beckwith,guy Mcpherson and the Arctic Methane Emergency Group 
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    But far more serious than the denial of physics and the laws of nature was the denial of the precautionary principle – if our concerns about sea ice loss and repercussions (particularly a methane excursion) had even a small probability of proving correct, it would have been sensible to prepare for the worst by developing the geoengineering techniques that could provide enough cooling power to avoid a sea ice collapse. The cost would have been minimal in relation to the cost of trying to deal with repercussions – which some of us fear could be the end of civilisation. But nothing happened, so no geoengineering has been prepared. 

    AMEG has had a predicament – a dilemma. If we say how bad the situation really is, people will brand us as doom-mongers and not want to listen. If we don’t, then nobody will learn the truth. 

    But now it’s different. Our predictions on the sea ice have proved correct. We have the credibility. Our timescales are appropriate. (Only the other day a student wrote an article for the Ecologist saying that, after consulting experts at UEA, he was convinced that AMEG had got its timescales wrong.) 

    The most visible repercussions of sea ice decline and rapid Arctic warming (it’s warming five or six times the global average by my reckoning, and that ratio will leap up as the sea ice disappears) are the escalating emissions of methane, now seen to be bubbling in vast plumes from the East Siberian Arctic Shelf seabed, and the global weirding, seen to be affecting farmers all over the world as the Arctic warms, polar jet stream meanders more, sticking in places to cause weather extremes, long periods of both hot dry weather and cool wet weather. These two repercussions have been AMEG’s focus of late, see press release. 

    Never in the history of the human race has there been so much danger to confront. We have the brains – we should have the intelligence – to deal with it. Psychologically we have real problems, continuing to believe that we are immortal and “it can’t happen to us”. It is. 

    Best wishes, 

    Chair, AMEG
  • Same troll?
  • dear monfret,

    are you really that anxious?

    may God give you peace.

  • Reading this legitimately made me laugh.
    Don't worry about hypotheticals- if it gets to a point where every single bishop and priest dies and we are stuck on a desertes island, we probably won't be getting married. We'd probably be screaming our heads off or, as the hopeful part of me would like to think, we'd be singing Evlogite because it's the end of the world.

    Don't play with "if"s because we're humans who have limited minds. God is the only one who can answer a hypothetical question like that. :)
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