Christians who really care for themselves only. Shame to us

By this time we ought to have grown and matured in godliness.

When sin is habitual it is a sign of not being saved. That is if our abstinence from sin would lead to a pornstar thinking about repentance then I don't think a person having a practice of looking at porn can be saved.

The good news is if we are saved and the church teaches the same result of the sacraments we will no longer live in sin as a habit. Freedom may only be in the sacraments for us

It is why Paul said those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.
Because how can you teach them as worthy of going to hell when you yourself do not have enough disgust to stay away from porn? Can you envision them in hell and yet you would sin and allow them to go there ?

However their repentance should depend on themselves only but we may help. We should not be responsible for their sin and we do not expect people to track us nor ready for it. Even if they don't track they blame us knowing many are hooked

Paul says and do you think you who judge those who do such things and practice the same that you will escape the judgement of God? You who preach that a man should not commit adultery do you commit adultery ?

Some pornstars however may not care if you go to hell or not enough

People say you don't earn your salvation but I would say you earn the knowledge of the truth which keeps you from sin. It is God working in us to be saved not we working for God

What about those who had sin much of their life can they find freedom on their death bed and a change in heart I think it is possible but I shall not assume that I have that opportunity for myself and I consider myself more responsible if people are lost from my sins for I have knowledge and favors but others may also be responsible

If such is the case great is the responsibility of priests to take our growth seriously because if we sin we cause some or many to be lost if we deserve it so we become lost

We have to be like Lot who wants nothing to do with others sins not as those whom Paul rebuked saying they had sexual immorality and they did not mourn even for one who married his fathers wife to be put away from them. That is meant to be our attitude when we hear of sin we should want it to be punished unless they repent. The Corinthian sinner was punished but they accepted him again when he repented. He was delivered to Satan for destruction of the flesh that he may know how evil satan is

But we must not make freedom from sin our god it shouldn't be to puff us up for God grace is made perfect in weakness.
It should not be about us. We should be okay with the fact we are sinners unless our sin causes others to be lost


  • I have forgotten God days without number. I think I try to serve God and mammon. I should seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all other things I do will prosper as far as necessary and I won't be concerned about it. I should say the Lord is my portion. I shouldn't really care so much if I am successful but keep delighting myself in the Lord. The bible says if riches increase do not set your heart on them. I do not have to prosper though I should try. If God wants me to prosper for His name He will make me but I also have to think about it but that should not be what I have joy in. My prosperity. I can think about it often without forgetting God
  • Try and be blessed, as it says in the 1st Psalm; Blessed is he who walks not in the council of the ungodly. This is righteous.
    Also the blessings in the beatitutes in the sixth hour gospel. When we read what is blessed, it is a great guide to what we need to focus on in our lives.
  • Thankyou Joshuaa :)
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