When and how does the soul enter the body


If the soul is spiritual, is it not therefore through God's will that it enters the body?

Does it enter the body or is it created WITH the body???

Does anyone have any writings or know of any christian writings on this topic?

See: if there soul enters into the body at a certain age or maturity, then at death , it is only logical that it leaves the body. That means that at some point in time, the soul must have entered into the unborn baby.

However, if we say that the baby was born already with a soul and that soul was created part of the baby, then the soul dies when the baby dies.

I'm writing this on my phone but hopefully I will elaborate more when I get a chance on my PC.


  • Before we get into this, I think you are referring to the 'spirit' not the 'soul'. St Athanasius differentiates between those two terms. The soul is the actual 'life' that a human has as well as animals. The spirit is the god-given breath in us and that is eternal and moves on after the body dies. This 'spirit' was not given to animal and that's why animals don't live on in anyway after their death.

  • Thank you Mina for that clarification.

    Can you explain more about the spirit?? How does it or when does it enter the body? Do all humans have spirits??

    Is the consciousness the spirit or the soul???
  • Hold on, if the soul is not eternal, and the spirit returns to God after our death, then when we die, that's it. It is over. We no longer live on. Have I missed something???
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    Humans are created Body and Soul.
    The soul & consciousness would be associated to each other.

    John Cassian:
    “We see that the word ‘flesh’ is used in numerous ways in Holy Scripture. Sometimes it signifies the human being in his entirety, namely as composed of body and soul, as in this case: ‘The Word was made flesh”

    Saint Cyril:
    “We are composed out of soul and body and observe two different natures, the body's and the soul's; yet the pair yields a single united human being, and composition out of two natures does not turn the one man into two men but, as I said, produces a single man a composite of soul and body.’”

    “‘For flesh confessedly is born of flesh, and the Artificer of all performs the ensouling8 in the mode and way that He knows. Yet is the woman who bears, albeit she is the source of the flesh only, believed to bear the whole man, made up (I mean) of soul and body, although she contribute nothing of her own to the being of the soul. Yet when one says man, one signifies surely the soul united to the body. As therefore the woman, albeit she bear the body alone, is said to bear him that is made up of soul and body, and this no wise damages the account9 of the soul, as though it found in flesh the origin of its beingn’”

    “albeit the human soul (as we have already full often said) being of other nature than the body, is yet born with it, just as we say that it too has been united therewith. Yet will no one (I deem) suppose that the soul has the nature of the body as the beginning of its own existence, but God inplaces it ineffably in the body and it is born along with it; yet do we define as one the animal that is made up out of both, i. e., man.

    Christ’s resurrection is to raise man from death. Man being body and soul and give both life once more:

    “Christ the royal coin, which was rendered in payment of debt for two things, for our soul and for our body.”

    Hope this helps?
  • Hi @Zoxsasi where have you been man? Look, to make it easier it is like this:
    Humans = body + soul + spirit
    Animals = body + soul
    When humans die the spirit lives on. The spirit is a human spirit protected by God's spirit in us Christians, and not acknowledging God in non-Christians..
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  • Hello @ophadece how are you?? It has been ages. I'm fine.

    Very helpful answer. Thank you.

    @ShareTheLord thank you for your answer. You lost me a bit though.
  • Dualistic interaction studies the scientific side of the spirit if you would like. And I believe the spirit enters at the point of conception.
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