Litany of the fathers

Why is it in the litany of the fathers we don't really mention the heads of the Armenian, Indian or Ethiopian orthodox churches ? I just feel like it's wierd shouldn't we mention all the heads of the oriental Orthodox Church


  • The current source of the liturgy text is mainly Fr. Abdelmaseih Salib El-mas'oudi El-baramousi book, which many just call the Muharaq Book. He used a lot of manuscript in putting together his liturgy book for the 3 saints. They don't include mentions of the Armenian, Indian, and Ethiopian Patriarchs.

    I think there is the possibility where the Indian and the Armenian churches were too far from us in Egypt that we didn't include them, but we definitely still considered them to be our sister churches.

    As for the Ethiopian church, you have to consider that the hierarchy there was recently developed in the last 50 years or so. The Eritrean and the Ethiopian churches were one in the same, then a separation came, and Synods were created. Despite the issues on the Eritrean side, we still mention Abouna Antonios as the Patriarch. For the Ethiopian church though, we have recently confirmed that each will mention the other hierarchy in the 3 major feasts, and the feasts of the Cross. I think it's currently Abouna Metias.
  • In my church, we have many Ethiopian congregants and we mention the Patriarch of Ethiopia in every liturgy. You're right Mina it is Abouna Metias
  • The Southern U.S. "Service of the Deacon" book by H.G Anba Youssef (which I just got a hard copy of myself) says to include Mar Ignatius and the head of Eritrea.. I'm not sure if that's relevant, but I just spent a blessed week at the convent of St. Demiana and St. Marina (where I had the blessing to meet Anba Youssef and pray Agpeya and Tasbeha with him) and there they had the response said every day.
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