How to not be lukewarm ?

I believe it is to use all your time productively for God. If you don't have a clear purpose of a worldly activity and you struggle to perform it now and it distances you from wanting to spend time with God like Martha you just end up worried about many things and caught up in the habit of not seeking God and thinking you are fine.
Therefore if you have no clear purpose and your spirit is not rested jesus says come to Me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest
My burden is light

Therefore you should never feel guilty in those times to always seek God. In fact it is required to not be lukewarm


  • Guilt is a good sign that your conscience is working well and that in that it invites God to heal the problem in our consciences, espeically when we repent.
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    To not be lukewarm is to put it clear in our mind and heart how great God is and how amazing his plans and his will and his design and his mercy and his justice and his love is; how amazingly great. To be lukewarm is like a coal outside the fire, too far from God and his sons and daughters, its good to stay by the burning flame and always seek the strenght and passion and endurance and courage and love and understanding and energy and happiness from him who is all good and all perfect and who deserves worship by all our heart, mind, spirit and soul. If we want to belong to him and come to him and know him we have to give everything
  • Be zealous
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    The way to heaven is narrow and difficult but not burdensome and difficult or impossible for the single minded and those who come to know the Lord to love Him. Their goal being just to please God. It can be done by the courageous. God gives grace as st Jude says to keep from stumbling

    Unfortunately I feel caught up in all the lusts of the world and self pity

    Every opportunity I neglect is like a talent which can be taken away and may only be greatly helpful for the day so is part of daily bread
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    My life has been full of me wanting to do my will and find excuses not to spend time with God though I often give the appearance of it or want to give the appearance of it
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    Lukewarm may also mean focusing on ourselves too much we forget about people but I think the bible is never too much if we use it only on ourselves not that we can't talk about God and our views with others but only when necessary.

    I wish to comment that If someone can't bear to hear about God at all and call that bible thumping I think that is their problem though I should not offend them to let them see the truth for themselves since they could already be questioning what is the truth themselves like Pilate. Fact is Christians talk about the bible that is not going to excuse people from following Christ they are still responsible even if it was wrong at a time
    A person who is offended by bible talk may not ever be a real Christian anyway even if you don't talk about the bible because he don't love his enemies who he knows some quote the bible not out of evil will but to get attention and other reasons and so they should not be offended if his works are not harmful and judgemental but just defending Christian morals and other stuff and in some cases the Christian should be pitied because he just talks because he thinks he can not remain silent he doesn't mean to not offend

    Why do people sometimes quote the bible ? Because society neglects what is right and calls good evil and evil good. We will not be called evil when we do good
    Quoting the bible may be different to thumping the bible if that means judge others with it but we sometimes quote the bible to defend self against false accusations and lies of society against Christ
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