Very happy who i am member of this community

I am Coptic guy 19 years old.I am student to university in Alexandria(I am not from Alexandria I am from Minia ).I am member to a youth Coptic organization here in university who are members all Copts college students.My girlfriend is a very good Coptic girl who is sudent in university too.Usually prefer Arab language Coptic forums.


  • Welcome my brother!Here you fins mamy other Copts christian brothers and sisters.I am member in Coptic youth organization here in Greece too.We have got many members.
  • Hi Mark19 !
    Im also new here on the forum, but welcome! Myself im 23 and from Norway and Im in the process of joining the Coptic Church.

    Sounds so nice to be part of a youth Coptic organization at university.

    Hope you will have a good time here at the forum!
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