Kiahki 1st and 2nd Hood Lobshes

Can someone give me some insight on these versions of the 1st and 2nd Hoos Lobshes, it was recorded by the HICS, I believe it is Fr. Mettias Nasr. I have heard this tune said during the hitens at the end of the lobsh during tasbeha once but I never heard it on the actual lobsh. To me it sounds like a little hybrid between the normal Marenonh Evol and Efemepsha Ghar.


  • It's in the tune of the hiten ni that most churches say at the end in a longer way. Many believe that's it's just the kiahk way for lobshes.
  • They have their special tune..they are still chanted in upper Egypt with their kiahky tune each verse lasts about 2 minutes..
    Mr.Albair is going to record them (with other adam lobshes) with his choir when he re-publish the cd of kiahk midnight hymns i think..
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