release from a private vow?

hello as a non-orthodox I made a private vow of celibacy to God,I was told by a catholic priest that it is only valid when publically confessed.I am now a oriental Orthodox Miaphysite,well a catchehumen for quiet a while,.I was wondering if its the same in the coptic/miaphysite church that its only valid when done publically or in the presence of a bishop, and if it isn't can any coptic bishop or Abba release me from the Vow with a decree?

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  • Sexuality is looked upon differently in all forms (Byzantine and Oriental) than in Roman Catholicism.

    There is no, "public " decree for being a celbant when becoming a monastic in the Coptic Church. A person, a man or woman, would be in such a position that they would first have to show spiritual discipline and dedication before being chosen to first become a notice, then so on.

    I am formerly Roman Catholic, and I will say that you would not have to express that to any one other than your Father Confessor.
  • Hi Monfret!
    For sure this is a matter to bring to your Father in Confession, he is the one who knows you.

    One relevant example is the one when Saul cursed anyone (to be killed )who would eat before he beat his enemies, his son Jonathan didnt know and he ate some wild honey. Then when Saul was losing, it became clear someone must have eaten and Jonathan made it known it was him and was willing to be executed, but the people prevented Saul from killing his son. They knew Jonathan had been fighting for and with God and it was not right to kill him. So a vow with negative/evil consequences is not so good keep. In your situation, maybe your vow effects someone else or yourself and your relation with God in a negative way. God who is all knowing can guide you in this through your Father in Confession.

  • I spoke to a very Kind and generous man named bishop anba arseni and he absolved me from my vow.He is the bishop of Netherlands and Belgium.He is very humble and Kind and Gentle and speaks 3 languages fluently!

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