How to go to an Orthodox Church?

Hello I am new to this site!
I know a lot about Orthodox Christianity. I find it very interesting.
I wanted to know how can I go into an orthodox church as a hindu.


  • Hello nice to meet you and welcome!

    When you say "go into" what exactly do you mean?

    Visit and look at an orthodox church building?
    Join an orthodox church?
    Or join the Holy Liturgy of worship even though you are hindu?
    Or something else?

  • you are very welcome to visit any orthodox church. try to be not too shy and say hello to someone after the service.
    if you can, read something from the Bible first, for example the first book in the new testament (2nd part of the Bible) called the Gospel of matthew.
    also you can ask questions here.
    i pray that God will help you.
  • @Studyandinquires what I mean is that can I go to a liturgy service
  • you can go to liturgy and stay through the whole service. anyone who is not baptised orthodox Christian stays in their place and does not go up to receive Holy Communion (the consecrated bread and wine). that is the same for atheists, hindus, people from any other religion or Christians from protestant or Catholic churches
  • You will find the fluidity of a Coptic Divine Liturgy similar to your form of worship. Although, we eat after and not during our prayers.
  • Indeed I have studied about Orthodox Christianity and have seen videos of Orthodox services and I feel it is similar to Hinduism's worship practices in many ways.

  • @theorthodoxgenius

    Yes, you are correct. There certainly is a depth to it and, if you are familiar with Theosis as if far more prevalent in Byzantine Orthodoxy, the, "Oneness" is a bit similar. I don't mean to get in a theological dispute, because some Orthodox Christian folks may be offended by comparing our religions.
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