abortion and gays

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hey guys ;in health , we are having debates about these things, can u guys help me er combat their points with like info or suggestions? bc i was the only person against like 25 girls and i was totaly wipped out. lol but i put up a good fight.

one of the questions was about gay marriage


  • When talking about that stuff, it’s hard to bring your point across and remain “politically correct”. Personally, I’m the most politically incorrect person there is. To me political incorrectness is just the truth everybody knows but doesn’t want to hear because it makes them wrong. Just don’t worry about maintaining equality or worrying about anybodies feelings. If you keep the truth from somebody to ensure that you don’t hurt their feelings, you’re harming them more. Go get 'em.
  • Awad, your tryin to respond from a christian point of view or secular?
  • I would assume secular since the debate is taking place in school where not all people follow the same religion; or any religion at all.
  • thanks mark.

    thats what i mean and um i brang up the fact that marriage is defined as a sacrament wich is not what the state makes it, its no longer marriage if we can engage two whatevers. and also, thanks to mariam, i brang up the fact that all our present day laws came from the puritans, who were christian.

    any more points? i need them by tom!
  • Yeah. If it was okay to be gay, then gays would be able to reproduce.
    We exhausted dicussions about homosexuals before. Take a look, you'll find what you're looking for, we said EVERYTHING there was to be said about it.



  • actually i was thinking bout this and i figured: is it our duty as christians who live in a liberal country to prevent others from getting married??? This so called "official" marriage has nothing to do with the sacramental marriage within church. If a man and a woman get married outside church, thats is not seen as a marriage by the church rite? So why would u prevent gay people to have an official, not marriage, but more of an official relation. As long as it's not within church, whats the problem here?? Any marriage outside church isn't to be seen as a marriage anyway. I know that now hayerkablee meet 3afreet but just think bout it for a moment.
    Maybe living in holland has affected my brains lol, but i think it would be more effective to actually live a good christian life to be role models for others, so that they by themselves will oppose gay marriage anyway, instead of making a huge problem out of this so called gay marriage. Where i live everything u could think of is legal and trust me, if it's illegal, people do it anyway (whether euthanesia, soft drugs or gay marriages)

    ps dont take this the wrong way, i know perfectly well that homosexuality is condemned by the bible and i dont think its ok in any way either, but i think there's a difference between condemning something and forbidding it. And i'm open for critiques, i actually might change my mind if u guys come with good arguments ;)
  • I think it's our duty to advice others but it's not our duty to prevent them, we are just giving them a path, it's their choice to follow it or not, ya we are telling them it's wrong doesn't mean that we are preventing them, we are not tying them and telling them u can't do that, we are just giving them a friendly advice and they are free to do whatever they want. So, ya we have the right to speak our minds but we can't prohibit anyone from doing anything.
  • I've always thought that debating never ever belonged in a health class. Think about it, there could be an 11 year old girl that got raped and needed an abortion (i'm not asking you to consider the morality of this hypothetical situation just focus on my point) and then a little while later a christian who thinks that they're only being a good christian starts saying that abortion is murder etc etc. Although i'm against abortion, this whole mandatory debate thing gets out of hand in school. Debate should be voluntary in a class that perhaps someone chose or an after school club.

    anyway, if you wanna kick some toush, statistics are amazing. Don't rely soley on moral arguements because when push comes to shove, not everyone will choose a moral path in their life. And keep in mind people that even if we do stop gays from getting married, we can't stop them from having sex and thats the real sin here. My point is, the law can only do so much, but with our faith and prayer, God can do ALL things.
  • And keep in mind people that even if we do stop gays from getting married, we can't stop them from having sex and thats the real sin here.

    As christians we have a moral obligation to speak out against sin whenever and wherever we see it being practiced and condoned by society.Jesus said we were the "salt of the earth".Meaning that just as salt preserves meat and helps it maintain its vital integrity,so also christians are called to help preserve and maintain Gods moral law in a lawless,godless society and to be the "light" to a dark,dying,and lost world.

    For the sake of our children and future generations let us do everthing in our power to affect moral and spiritual change in each of our respective countries so that the moral atmospere of our land reflects and conforms to the sound moral code and law of our great God.God didnt call us to hide our "light under a bushel" but rather to so let our light shine that all men will glorify our FATHER in Heaven. Let us glorify God and stand up for the truth everywhere and at all times,in our schools,workplace,
    communities,political and social forums,etc.etc. Let us not be ashamed of our Lord Jesus Christ or His Gospel but rather let us boldly speak the truth in love,with God's help,making a real difference in our culture and turning a wayward and lawless society back towards the path of obedience and righteousness.By the grace of God we shall do just that.
  • refer to His Holiness's book on 'Homosexuallity and the ordination of women'
    its the best book to refer to


    God Bless
  • thanks guys, hah im ganna wipe them OUT tommorrow! watch out cauz here comes the copts !!!

    but thats a good point, we should give them free will, shouldn't we? but i suppose that we as christians should look for their benefit, but what about the gov? their not christians so y should they care? ???

    im confused, but im ganna print out the links u guys gave me tom and study them during geometry lol
  • ok guys, now its war,

    they brang up a sad story where joe and richard are on their death bed, one will lose all their shared belongings etc and they cant decide whether they should die .

    thants 1, and they say that atheists have mariagge too, so its not for us to push our religion. then they said that gods out of it, seperation of church and state, im a jesus freak etc.

    lastly, they said that its about love and their born that way.

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