is the korbana holy?

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hey guys, i was just wondering because different servants gave me diff answers to this question.

is the korbana u take in the end of the service holy?

i got answer like yes it is b/c its prayed on

then i got answers like no b/c it was a hisorical thing and that ppl in the old times would be hungrey after communion b/c they were fasting so the church offered the korban just so they can fill their tummys.

so i don't noe, what are ure opinions?


  • my foc told me it was cus u know how the holy communion orbanas - wen they are being made, special prayers are said on them. an any one of those orbanas that we take in the end have been prayed on because like the one that abouna mite give u in the end could have been the actual body for the holy communion. so yes it is holy :D
    another thing that i found out is if a gurl cant have holy communion they shouldnt recieve the orbana in the end cus its been prayed on (i was a bit shocked wen i found that out) lol but yea
    take care
    please pray 4 me u guys
  • EVERYONE!!! is alowed to have the "baraka" or the holy bread at the end of the service...i am not sure if about non-beleivers or the catechumens

    I think there are 2 things that make the 'baraka'... blessed and holy.

    1) They have been prayed on with psalms by those who are cooking it
    2) Its distributed by abouna, whos hands have touched the body and blood of Christ during the liturgy.

    There is also another purpsose for the baraka, that most of us prob dun know about, when everyone who has attended the liturgy comes and takes the baraka, it gives abouna a chance to see who has attended the liturgy and who has not, and make a mental note to go back and ask those people who wernt there where they have been and attend to the lost sheep. So it gives abouna a chance to see everyone and make sure everyone is there.

    take care of eachother
  • hey all

    mazza, great answer... i just wanted to reply to somthing you said...

    you stated that because the kourban at the end is Holy, a girl shouldnt take it if she can't take communion....

    my mom always told me i could, my friends mom told her she couldnt, so we were constantly unsure of what to do.... sooo...

    my friends and i approached H.G. Bishop Angelous and asked him if a girl can take the baraka at the end, dispite the fact she can't take communion (that was one of the most awkward questions i've ever asked a bishop... lol)... and he said 'yes'!! its ok! we can! (wohooo!)... (he started laughing at our uncomfortableness when we were asking the question, he made it easy though.... what a great guy... :D)

    anyways, point is, he said its ok. i think this is because (not so sure though) when the priest at the end gives the baraka, he gives the 'basket' that wasnt prayed on to the ladies, and to the men he gives from the one that was prayed on.... (i notice in my church we have two of them... so i'm guessing that's a thing they do)

    so you can now take baraka whenever you want! :D

    take care and God bless
    pray for me
  • I know that in the Antiochian Church (which is what I am), anyone can take the holy qurban (or korbana...or however else u want to spell it), even non-Orthodox or catechumens.....if not, then what would be the point?
  • it is not really a holly but i think it just like the one we take after comunuin but just only a small different.
    1.the one we take on comuniun the hole kodas depends on it. :)
    2.the one after kodas just abouna prays on it (THAT DOESN'T MEAN TO THROUGH IT AWAY) ::)

  • it is not really a holly but i think it just like the one we take after comunuin but just only a small different.

    NOOOOOOO it's not.the one we take in the communion is the body of Jesus Christ...the other one is the barka which is Holy b/c it's prayed on
  • if you complete it you will find the same exact answer but too bad you didn't complete it?????????????? :-\
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  • aight,
    Short and sweet version of the answer.
    Any Korbana is holy for 2 reasons:
    1) While they are baking it, they read the Psalms
    2) It has A stamp on it (that circle) with 13 crosses and the words (Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal) in Greek. So that makes it Holy.
    Now if that answer does not satisfy your curious mind, there here is the long version.
    There are two types of Korban.
    1) 7amal (or Lamb)
    2) Korban for distribution

    Lets start with the first (the Lamb)
    This is the ones that Abouna from which Selects the Body of Christ. They are usually Done with the utmost care and they are a different dough than the rest. Ideally speaking, they aslo should be done with a certain time frame from the biginning of Liturgy. They have to be perfectly round, the stamp has to be visible and the holes are clear. They should not be burnt or over baked. They should not have any blemish on them since one of them will be picked to be the Body of Christ. They have to be done and in the church and attend the prayers of the Agpya. They are usually presented to the priest in these numbers:
    • 1 (since there is only one God and Jesus is Him)
    • 3 (The Holy Trinity and Jesus is one of the 3)
    • 5 (The five Sacrifices of the old Testment, we are picking the Sacrifice of Thanksgiving)
    • 7 (The seven sacrements of the church, We are selecting the communion)
    • 12 (the 12 Tribes of Israel, Jesus was from the Tribe of Juda)
    • 13 (Jesus and His disciples, again we are picking the one to be the Body of Jesus)
    What they will usually do is have extras so that abouna may give out. These are part of the selection and during which the priest will "annoint" each one with the wine symbolizing that it was a sacrifice and also the circomcision of our Lord. They are to be left out of the alter after the selection process (the ones that haven't been picked)
    Abouna gives those out as a blessing and also as someone mentioned to make sure he greets the congregation and makes mental notes who hasent attended. Those who attend may take some to those who didn't as an invitation to come next time. They should not be eaten with anything else (like made into a sandwitch or drink something with it) They should not be left to the next day. We should also cut from them by hand and not bite out of them. Only Baptized Christians can eat from this Holy bread and any baptized orthodox Christian can eat (boy or girl, man or woman, etc...) at any given point in time.

    2) The Korban for distribution:
    The purpose of that was, as someone mentioned earlier, was ment to be given to people as a "snack" (for lack of better word) so that they don't pass out espcially if they have a long trip home. This can be given to anybody since it does not recieve any particular rites except the reading of Psalms during baking. In the life of St. George (El moza7em) he was given a piece of that korban (at the time they used to add suger to the dough) and he found it was sweet and that made him want to get baptized to taste the one that he thought would be even better (the Body of Christ) He later became a Martyr for the sake of Christ.

    Sorry for being rather long winded and I hope my .00005 cetns helped
  • very nice explanation!!!

  • nice words awsom!!!!!!
  • wow these explanations are awsome,
    thx every one! Coptic Boy sums it up pretty well lol

    God BLess u all
  • lol yea dat was gr8
    sorri guys 4 wat i said b4 (gurls cant take orban in the end)
    cus in ma church- thats wat EVERYONE says so yea
    i only found out like 2months ago
    so sorri but thanx 4 clearin it up
  • excellent stuff coptic boy yer at ma church well me and mazzas thats wat we herd sum gals cant take it but thats kool yay hehe good stuff every1 thats fantastic

    GB ALL
  • [quote author=mazza link=board=1;threadid=1621;start=15#msg25483 date=1116579838]
    lol yea dat was gr8
    sorri guys 4 wat i said b4 (gurls cant take orban in the end)
    cus in ma church- thats wat EVERYONE says so yea
    i only found out like 2months ago
    so sorri but thanx 4 clearin it up

    can i ask you a question?
    why can't girls take arban ijust don't don't get it???????
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