Learn Coptic Hymns YouTube Channel

I was wondering if anyone has used this channel or found it effective for learning hymns. I have used it, but mostly for reviewing hymns I was a little shaky on. But I'm trying to learn new hymns and hope that you guys can help me know whether this is a reliable source or not.


  • i used it a lot.
    i don't know how accurate it is, maybe a hymns expert can comment for us.
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    As far as I know, they're very correct and accurate. Bear in mind, they haven't made a real lesson in quite some time, and there are many hymns they don't have lessons for, but they are reliable and have enough hymns to get you by. The only complaints I have are that in some recordings the audio is crazy, the pronunciation is sometimes butchered (the standard mistakes like putting random jinkem sounds on chima, epsi, etc) and their hazzat don't have a set pattern- it's not like standard sheet music where up means a higher pitch. I learned Fai Etafenf and Anok Pe Pikoji completely from them and I can now lead a chorus in those hymns, so they will teach you.
    Also, they have the only ta3leme lesson for the FULL long So-this Amen- not the ones on here but the old recordings by C. Mikhail and others.
    God bless.
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