Bishop Estafanos of Nubia & Sudan

Does anyone know anything about the above named anba Estafanos? I have searched the Internet to no avail. If only a brief description of his life and his departure! I will be very grateful! from what I've gathered he is a well known contemporary saint but unfortunately I have never heard of him before. Appreciate your help! God bless you!


  • What is unique about him?
  • well that's what I would like to know. I was given his photo as a present and had no idea who he is until someone gave me his book it was the 20th part which detailed only some of his miracles but nothing about his life. I made my research on the Internet to no avail even St Tekla website was asking for more info about Bishop Estafanos. When I asked the person who gave me the book he didn't have much to tell me either only that he departed this world nearly 20 yrs ago.
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