The beauty of Holiness

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Holiness! A wonderful and precious way of living! That state of being dear to the heart of every faithful christian.

What is holiness? In the New Testament the word basically means "sanctification" which in turn means "to be set apart". All christians are called to a life of personal holiness.A life of purity.A life seperate from the corrupting influences of this present world(the world system};one set apart unto the glory and honor of our God.A life that says NO to sin and YES to God. We need to tell sin," Sin,I hate you! I want no part of you anymore! I'm a temple of the Holy Spirit and there's no place for you here. Get out of my life and dont come back!" By God's grace we will overcome the power of sin in our life.

As we begin to walk the path of purity,the way of holiness,people around us will begin to notice a difference in our lives.The'll say,"Hmmm,theres something different about my friend.He or she doesnt do the things they use to do--getting drunk and partying,swearing,listening to bad music,etc.etc. I wonder whats come over them". Then we'll be able to tell them about the hope that is within us, that we're christians,a people set apart for the glory and honor of God.We'll tell them that we love Jesus and want to please Him in all things.As christians we cant do the things that the world thinks are cool and OK, but rather God has saved us and called us to a different life.A life of purity and holiness before the LORD.The world may think that purity and holiness are boring and restrictive but actually we find true happiness and freedom when we obey the LORD and keep His commandments.Being a christian is a wonderful and fullfulling life which the world cant understand until they recieve the Lord Jesus Christ and believe on His Name.

My friends,can people see a difference in our lives? Is our life a witness to the power and love of our Lord Jesus. Is our life set apart dedicated to God. If not then let us ask God to give us grace and help us live a life pleasing unto the LORD our God .A holy,pure,set apart life.

"Now in a great house there are not only vessals of gold and silver but also of wood and clay,some for honorable use,some for dishonorable.Therefore,if anyone cleanses himself from what is dishonorable,he will be a vessal for honorable use,set apart as holy,useful to the master of the house,ready for every good work",2nd Timothy 2:20,21.

So then,let us be honorable vessals of gold and silver,set apart for the honor and glory of our great master the Lord Jesus Christ,being ready for every good work.Let us walk in the path of purity, in the beauty of Holiness. :)


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