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I was wondering if anybody has ever visited this website or read any of the forums. (There are apparently some ex orthodox christians there)

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  • They probably should be debating their moral standpoint with Jews. Because the Jews focas on morality much more because they follow the law given to Moses, whereas, ChristIan see the fulfillment of the law in Christ Jesus, which gives us a spiritual understanding.
    The Jews were often rebellious and were the children of God and we're treated harshly in the seperation (sin) by their rebellious nature.
    The Christian faith is in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
    Athiests critize in hindsight according the morals of the day. It can be seen as pride, putting oneself above others morally. Their question is: why would a loving God cause death. The justifiction is the ones that died where going to hell and weren't going to change their nature, so ended been an example of consequences to guide the rest on a righteous path.

    I don't want to talk much about CopticApostate, but I gave him an example in the prodigal son as to the change in nature that occurs when someone understands that they are in a fallen state. The prodigal son was even with his fallen state because he was humble. If he was proud he would put himself above it in his pride and would of being contemptous of others and blaming them. That's where athiests are, their pride has put them above and look for blame. But I think the media of today there is so much polarization that there are groups like athiests who put themselves above others because they have lost the original message of salvation and that is sacrificall love through theosis in Christ Jesus.
    I did want CopticApostate to know his parents cared about his salvation and loved him that much, but it shouldn't of became a power struggle. As I said to him criticisms and complants become power struggles and so it is with athiests. So to stay in your humbless it's best not to take the bait ( be tempted ) and ignore as best possible.
  • The members of this forum i think is ex-protestants and some ex-catholics.I find in this atheist forum many ex-muslims.This atheist forum have not got any interesting about Copts.
  • I find only one Greek ex-orthodox and two american ex-orthodox members in this atheist forum.In the past when i was muslim egyptian(before convert to Coptic christianism) i go to this forum to speak with members and to speak about islam and i find many ex muslims atheists.I find only two american ex orthodox and only one Greek girl ex orthodox(she is from Athens who live).This forum have not got any interesting from as tge Copts really.
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    Thank you for your answers, I also found two ex Greek Orthodox on the forum sad to see they were blinded by the devil.

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  • Most of the time, they're blinded by their own pride and emotions.
  • Thanks for sharing this site @Justice!
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