Why is there only a 2% Christian living rate in Israel

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I recently looked at a chart of all the different religions living in Israel and Christians were in the minority! I'm actually very shocked mostly because of all the Protestants in America and their blind devotion to Israel. Does Israel have something to do with this? Please let me know. (Actually I think it would be horrible if protestants started living in Israel Because nobody wants the Holy land turning out like this:)
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  • I don't know why would we care. 2%...20%...what's of numbers of Christians by name if their hearts with God and are true Christians?!
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    I know, but I just think it would be interesting if more Christians lived in the holy land because Israel is for the Christians. (Hey if Jews can have that mentality why can't I?)
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  • Lots of christians here tend to be wealthier and the wealthier Palestinians tend to leave for Europe or the Americas because its really hard to live here, its a hard economy to live in and theres discrimination from the jewish and muslim majorities (not as bad as around us but its still felt) so all in all its just easier to move abroad. also Alot fled during the 1948 war to Lebanon and Syria and christian families tend to be smaller than jewish or muslim ones (average family is 1-2 kids instead of 3-4 (jewish) or 6 (muslim) so everything together the muslim and jewish population keeps growing and the christian one stays the same or declines making it shrink percentagly. 
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    Thank you for your answer it helped a lot.

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    There are some Protestants that fall under the Zionist Christian movement, which is an end-times movement.  It was a way in which some of the Old Testament prophecies are interpreted in such a manner that they haven't been fulfilled yet (rather than as real Christians believe that all the Old Testament prophecies and laws were fulfilled in Christ).  The belief is that all Jews are still in covenant with God, they just haven't realized Jesus is the Messiah.  Yet they deserve to stay in the land of Israel.  One day, all the Jews will live in Israel, and that Judgment Day will happen, where Jesus manifests Himself and either converts all the Jews and destroys all of them for their failure to believe in Him.

    Then Jesus will reign on Earth for 1000 years until all hell breaks loose (literally), and a fierce war will happen between heaven and earth.

    Beyond this, I care not to understand or read further, as all of this is ridiculous in ancient Christian standards for many theological reasons.  But the fact of the matter is that Zionist Protestants have had a stronghold on American Protestantism.  Because their belief in Jewish ownership of Israel AT ANY COST, Israeli Zionist lobby formed a powerful political lobby with Zionist Christians that make up the majority of American Christians, and practically almost all of American politicians.  It's because of this power from these particular "Christians" that lead to a powerful Jewish presence in Israel, in addition to some of the actions the Israeli government can get away with what could have been considered crimes against humanity many times throughout the decades.

    Now to your assertion that "Israel is for the Christians".  To be quite honest, while we once had a strong presence in Palestine after St. Helen discovered the cross of Christ, theologically speaking, nowhere in this world "is for the Christians".  Christians partake of a "heavenly Israel/Jerusalem", a "spiritual Kingdom" not of this world, but in the heavens.  By being engrafted into Christ, we become "strangers of this world" and adopted into the right hand of the Father, which also dwells in us now.  While Egypt, Russia, Greece, Armenia, Syria, Ethiopia all have been strongholds of ancient Christian history, true Orthodoxy does not mean we pray and worship in Jerusalem or in any area, but "in Spirit and Truth".  There will come a time when none of these will exist or matter anymore, but we will inherit the eternal Kingdom of the Father, sitting with Christ on that very same Throne, and all these lands will wither away like the leaves of a tree.
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    Thank you for your answer! I will make sure to take this information with me.

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