My Objections to "Jews for Judaism"

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Hello everyone,

I'm sure most of you know about the group called "Jews for Judaism" if not they're a group of Jews who basically on their website and through their videos try to "keep Jews Jewish". I have a few objections to their claims (though really you just have to go to their YouTube channel to see how misinformed they are)

1. They claim that the current way of Jewish worship is the correct one. Of course we all know that Mosaic Judaism relied on the temple and sacrifices but when the temple was destroyed the Jews had to invent a way of worship so they could continue to worship their god.

2. They claim that Jesus never existed. I'm sorry this one really gets under my skin for two reasons 1. We have more proof of Jesus than anybody else during his time period as recorded by Josephus and the Roman generals at the time. 2. They just say this so it fits their own agenda because if they actually tried to look at the historical documents about the testimonys of Jesus and Christians they might reconsider.

3. They believe that their "Messiah" will be of this earth. This comes from the Babylonian Talmud which if anybody has read it knows that there is some very innaporiate and ungodly stuff found in there (Which makes sense since the Talmud was written by the Pharisees) but the point is the interpretations in the Talmud have nothing to do with the criteria found in the Bible.

4. They claim that the original church lost its Jewish roots. This one also really gets on my nerves because mostly they're looking at the Eastern Orthodox Church (not that they haven't preserved their Jewish roots but not as much as the Coptic Church) the Coptic Church which they won't look at because it will disprove their point has most definantly preserved its Jewish roots such as the Ethiopian church keeping the dietary laws and the sabbath.

In conclusion, I find "Jews for Judaism" a movement that is to lead people astray from the truth. Also I hope I didn't sound to much like Nathaniel Kapner!

In Christ,


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    Actually, the Syriac Orthodox Church in its liturgical chanting is probably the closest to ancient Jewish liturgy you'll get.

    Just keep in mind, while the Ethiopians do practice some dietary laws, it's not mandatory in Church law, as mandating these practices were already considered heretical as a form of denying the fulfillment of the law in the Messiah.
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