My mother and my conversion

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to give some information about my relationship with my mother and how my conversion to Christianity added to it.

I was born into a biracial Jewish family (black and white) and when growing up I wasn't taught anything about Judaism and therefore, didn't have any knowledge of God. But that all changed when when I was twelve and my mother suddenly started to become more religious. We began attend synagogue and my mother enrolled me into a Jewish school. Now currently my mother is infuriated at me for accepting Jesus Christ as the savior of the world. She has said such awful comments as "Christianity is for the stupid" and that "Jesus was a magician" this infuriates me more because the teachers at my Jewish school said things like this (more covered up but still the same) It just says to me that she is no better than the Pharisees!

In Christ,


  • Dear Justice,

    God bless you and strengthen you on your journey. It's a difficult journey you are going through because you will get a lot of family tensions. And Christ used some hyperbole to describe these tensions, and the road will not be easy.

    Still though, love your mother. She is still your mother. Be patient with her. Bear the insults and criticisms with love and longsuffering. This will build your character as a true Christian in the heart.

    There is a convert in the Eastern Orthodox Church who used to be a devout Jew and son of devout Jews (I think his father was a rabbi). His name is Fr. James Berstein.
  • Minasoliman,

    Thank you for your words iv'e been meaning to post a discussion like this for awhile but didn't have the time. I'll probably post other discussions like this sooner or later.

    In Christ,
  • Father James' sermons online are excellent, I recommend them; very well balanced, a lovely man.
  • My mother was a staunch Catholic, and now she communes at my church!

    Patience and forgiveness are the best and most difficult, but work in time.
  • yay!

    glory to God in the highest!

  • I hope you take your mother out somewhere nice today if you're American ;)
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    I gave her a nice necklace from a jewelry store. (Yes I'm American) :)

    In Christ,

  • I am very happy who meet an American copt.
  • I too was born and raised Jewish. It was in August of 2015 I turned my life over to Jesus. In January of this year, I converted. My family is devasted but I always try and comfort then to know there is one God and what one believes doesnt necessarily need to be my belief. I reassure my family that I love God and he loves me. It is where I find my comfort and hope.
  • Dear Justice,
    welcome to the Coptic community. Follow the bible and love your mother and treat her with respect. Over time she will gradually come to terms with your conversion and welcome you back. We Copts in Egypt have experienced persecution and discrimination from the very first day St Mark arrived in Alexandria. I wish you all the best in this tough journey of being a Copt.
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