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The largest church in my area will be blessed this October with the visit of His Holiness Pope Tawadros II. I am not a direct member of the church where he is visiting, and I know much (if not all) of the congregation of my current church will be attending His Holiness' liturgy and be at church with him a lot. Are there any "do's and don't's" of meeting the Pope (other than the obvious "dress nicely, be respectable, mind space, etc.)? What can I do to help prepare, both as a deacon and a congregation member?
Thank you so much.


  • First register online if you're planning to attend...

    Second, just be prepared for him like you would for a regular bishop

    Third, if you don't mind me asking, which church? St. Mina's in Holmdel?
  • @minasoliman haha of course! I already have signed up :) And no, St. Mark's in Washington D.C.
  • :)

    Thanks to Mabsoota, I think she gave the better answer ;)
  • no, your answer was great.

    be sure to learn evlogimenos (blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord) as it is really beautiful

    and then you can sing it every year at palm sunday as well.

    sayedna al baba passed by our church!

    i saw him!

    now i sing evlogimenos every day in my head


  • @mabsoota if you're not singing evlogimenos in your head a lot, you're not really a copt are you?
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    I hope your meeting with HH Pope Tawadros II goes well and that God may be with you.

    In Christ,
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