Oriental Orthodox Against Eccumenism?

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I recently read an article on an Oriental Orthodox website stating that they're against Ecumenism yet On Orthodoxchristianity.net all of the Oriental Orthodox there are for Ecumenism. It would be nice to get the accepted view on the "Ecumenist Movement" in the church.

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  • The fact that there are differences means there no "accepted" view. Even among bishops, while they don't say anything outright, their behaviors indicate differences in approach of ecumenical discussions.

    Which OO website declared they're "against" ecumenism?
  • this is a pan religious website which recommends meditation and other pagan practices.
    they don't have any special knowledge about Christianity.

    (tip: check out the 'home' page of every website you visit to check what their perspective / bias is)

    also could anyone merge the 2 threads on this subject? thanks
  • This website says nothing about OOs being against ecumenism. It just gives you a snapshot summary of the historical division, which no one denies.
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    Well this was embarrassing. :\">
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    Don't worry about that. There are OOs against ecumenism, but they are not very vocal as the the minority EOs who are (at least I was assured they are a minority).

    I will say this: there is a rational fear in ecumenism that it could lead to a liberal interpretation or application of the Orthodox faith, so much so that it leads those with simpler minds to think the other churches are One Church with us, so it could become an ecclesiological slippery slope.

    However, when it comes to EOs, I find a unique situation altogether, and despite all online nuisances, I'm still somewhat hopeful for that dialogue, if only our church would concentrate her efforts on this and stop wasting time on other churches.
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