Oriental Orthodox Against Eccumenism?

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I recently read an article on an Oriental Orthodox website stating that they are against Ecumenism yet On Orthodoxchristianity.net all of the Oriental Orthodox their are for Ecumenism. It would be nice to get what the accepted view on the "Ecumenist Movement" in the church.

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  • please define it first!
    if you mean 'all praying together without restriction', then we are against it.
    if you mean 'all loving one another and recognising each other's Christianity' then we are for it.

    i imagine you mean some point in the middle of these two. 
  • Correct I was referring to the first one Thank you. Also sorry for not defining it I'm still getting settled into forums.

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  • To generally answer question, we are not against Ecumenism ... we are simply not willing to just unite for the sake of doing so, without considering the differences in faith. Between us and the Eastern Orthodox, through theological dialogue, we have reach agreement on having the same faith, and agreed on specific and correct understanding of Christ's nature. Yet, there is still the issue of Chalcedon and many of the anathemas that were established then (either by our fathers or the Chalcedonians). I think unity there is reachable and very close. 

    As for Catholicism, there are many deep theological topics that are being discussed (and have been since 1973). Some have been dealt with, but then that was stopped, yet we are now talking to them again, considering how loving Pope Francis is. But we pray and there is always hope. Again, the Church will never unite without dealing with faith differences, and will never jeopardize our true orthodox faith. 

    As for Protestantism, i really don't see hope for uniting. 
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    Thank you, the reason I'm mainly asking this is because I was originally looking into the Old Calenderists.

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  • I guess we are one of those "Old Calenderists"...or atleast our liturgical calendar is. For as much as we would like adapt, and consider the current more precise calendar, it's not that easy to change. We are a church of action...so all those centuries we practice our faith more than just having it and passing it down to generations. It's so rooted into our daily lives that to change something now, it would require a lot very major steps that I don't think we are in control of taking right now....at least that's my humble opinion. 
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