Is it an option for women to cover their hair in the Coptic church?

Hi i'm new to this forum as well as Oriental Orthodoxy and I was just wondering if its required for women to cover their hair in church?

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    Well...most parishes will not enforce it, but it is for sure required. At the same time, I don't know if any priest who will frown upon you if you don't wear the head scarf. We are usually very welcoming regardless.
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    I'm a man. :))
  • so i would advise you not to wear a headscarf in order to avoid strange looks...

    visiting women do not have to cover their heads and visiting men do not have to uncover them.
    even some orthodox women do not cover their heads until just before taking Holy Communion.

    in fact, the only time a woman absolutely has to cover her hair is while taking Holy Communion, so visitors don't have to worry about that, as they won't be taking Holy Communion until they are orthodox Christians.
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