Shorts and Communion

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Summer is getting closer and it's getting warmer, which means- shorts! As far as I know, the rule for clothing while taking Communion (for males) is clean clothes, long pants (even deacons), and the deacons must be in their tonyas. Why is it not allowed for anyone to take Communion in shorts? Also, since a deacon's tonya covers their knees and whatever pants or shorts they're wearing are hidden, why can't they wear shorts? 
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    Because you can't go and meet the education minister, or mister president, or the Queen dressed like that. How much more is it for the King of Kings?
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  • to stay the coolest, wear thin, loose long trousers like the pakistani shalwar. this is much cooler than shorts, which expose your lower legs to burning (when outside) and are too close to you (tight) to allow air to circulate around your hot parts.
    none of the original inhabitants of hot countries wear shorts (look at arabians, for example, where it is 50 degrees centigrade outside). 

    shorts are designed for people who live in countries with not enough sunshine (eg. uk) so that people can get enough sun on their skin to make vitamin D. in uk, it is 30 degrees on the very hottest days, so no one is hot enough that he / she needs to wear galabeya or shalwar! (ok, on one extremely hot day, i had to travel in heavy traffic for 2 hours in a car with no air conditioning, so i chose shalwar kamiz (with loose tunic on top) that day). 
    shorts help us people who live in cooler countries to get enough vitamin D when we are sitting in the garden.
    they are not needed in hot countries unless you are quite brown (and so don't absorb enough sunlight).
    if you are brown, you can pack them in your bag and change into them after liturgy, as i suppose there is not too much sunlight inside your church building!
  • It used to be unacceptable to even wear short sleeves (Pope St. Kyrillos VI did not like to see anyone enter in church with short sleeves, even men). Some monasteries still keep that tradition (I.e. You're not allowed to enter the monastery with short sleeves).
  • @ophadece @mabsoota @minasoliman thank you all for your answers :) God bless all of you.
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