Lighting the Censor

Are there any specific rules in the Church Canons regarding how to light the censor for the priest to use (i.e. a certain amount of charcoals, a certain type, is the foil necessary). This might sound like a pretty dumb question but I have been pretty curious about this topic. Also, I saw last week, during matins of Covenant Thursday, a newly ordained full Deacon, was swinging the censor in the altar and pretty much using it like a priest would, the priest didn't see this, but I always thought only the priest can use the censor, any insight on that as well would help.


  • There isn't a specific amount of charcoal to put in the shoria but it just needs to be well lit every time it's presented to abouna. Some incense put of the coal after one use--like after one time abouna puts incense in the shoria. So you may have to put a piece of coal every time for the shoria to stay lit. This is always the case since we don't all use the same type of charcoal. In my church, we use coal that doesn't take too long to light....while in egypt, i remember using coal that stays on fire for a good half hour to light.

    As for the deacon, so there are specific ways and specific time in the liturgy that the deacon use to use the censer like abouna. Most notability, during the commemoration of saint or during the gospel (So abouna would be reading the Gospel, while the deacon "censing" to him). The tradition simply died out, while the Syriac church still have this for their deacons to do. 
  • I remember watching a video of a Palm Sunday liturgy in Jerusalem by the reposed metropolitan that was there and the deacon, looked to be a regular deacon, was using the censor instead of sayedna.
  • In Jerusalem, the coptic rite is just a bite different then our usual one. So i am not surprised from what you just mentioned. 
  • Ekhrestos anesty,
    I thought the synod advised against any deacon swinging the shoria like abouna!
    Oujai khan ebshois
  • I haven't heard of a specific rule against it, but i would like to see one if you know which session in what year it was. 
  • Thanks Ophadece...

    I don't see any of these speaking about "the deacon swinging the shoria like abouna". Also, i have a problem with not referencing the Synod session in more of the shoria-related rules. Sadly to say, many deacons just take comments from their bishops and source that to the entire Synod 
  • <rictoc anecty
    - لا يجوز للشماس النفخ فى الشورية لأنها ترمز إلى بطن العــــذراء ، ولا يجوز له أرجحتها كما يفعل الأب الكـــاهن
    oujai qen P[c 
  • aha...didn't see the second part.
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